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University of San Diego Archives Employees like U.C. dining E mployees generally a re pl eas ed w ith th e n ew Faculty/ Sta ff Dining Room in the Unive rsity Cente r. accord- in g to a rec e nt random sampling of op inions.

A few criti cized the for- mal a tmosphere of th e din- ing room. Some sa id they fee l a little intimidated to ea t t h e re . But a ll inte r- viewed app r ec iated t h e posi ti ve a ltitude th e room conveys aboul the way USO views its em ployees. ··1rs nice of the Un iver- sity to give employees a space like th at.·· said Sheryl Lorey-McAtee, s ec re ta ry in Graduate Ad- missions. Although sh e ha sn·t eaten in the dining room yet. s he is looking for- ward lo doing so. Larry Alexander. pro- fessor of law. likes th e din- ing room as we ll as the rest of th e Cente r. " Bul it's con- gested ge lling lo lhe dining room and p ri ces a re up," h e a dded. " It (lhe dining room) is really pretty:· said Laura Karow. Print Shop assist- a nt. "a lol nicer than De- Sales:· She a dmitted. how-

Rudy Spano, director of dining services: Cheryl Berlin. assistant director: and Doug Gardner, cash operations manager.

Spano knows frustration too I f you·ve fe ll frustrated waiting in line at one of the Unive rsity Center ea te ri e s during the last c oupl e of months. just imagine how Rudy Spano has fe lt. It's Spano who direc ts

"It's going to take time to use it to its pote ntia l. There were probl ems we couldn't foresee - like the lines." Now, much of the rough water is past. Spano s ees smoother sailing a head. "You won't find this ty pe of dining facility al most schools." h e says. He fe els it compare s favorably to what a diner would find in the private sector. And his staff likes its n ew s urroundings. ··peop le are eager to work h e re. There is a real sense of pride now:· h e says. •

USD's dining services duties h e's fulfill ed on cam- pus for four and a half years. Although the open- ing of the Center was an ex- c iting d eve lopment from his persp e ctive. it a lso brought frustrations. After a ll. Spano a nd his staff h ad to train more than 250 stu- d e nts to use n ew equip- ment an d adj us t to new routines in a building a s unfamiliar to the regular dining s ervices staff as it was lo the students. "Th e building is ve r y complex ." h e points out.

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USO Employees Newsletter

Vol. 3, No. 7

March 1987

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