TS1201 Hand Lever Valve Options

TS1201 Hand Pen System

The TS1201 valve system offers a cost effective way to dispense most low to medium viscosity adhe- sives and assembly fluids without mess, waste or contamination.

The hand held valve accepts a direct feed of fluid from either a pressure pot or cartridge system.

Fluid is fed under pressure to the valve which is in the closed position. Once the lever is pressed, the valve is opened to allow controlled flow. Once the lever is released, flow stops with a precise cut off. No drips or mess. The system can be purchased with a cartridge feed system or range of different size pressure pots. The 1 litre pressure pot allows a 250/ 500 gram bottle of cyanoacrylate (superglue), anaerobic (thread lock) or UV cure adhesive to be placed directly inside and dispensed from.

Electronic PDF files are available at www..adhesivedispensing.co.uk/datasheets.html



Valve only

TS1201-12 TS1201-51 TS1201-58 TS1201-65

Valve with 12oz (360cc/ml) cartridge reservoir system Valve with 1 litre (1000cc/ml) pressure pot system Valve with 5 litre (5000cc/ml) pressure pot system Valve with 19 litre (19000cc/ml) pressure pot system

Each full system comes with fluid lines, connectors, needle tip assortment and spare pinch tubes.

TS1201 Specifications:


12.7cm x 3.5cm


36 grams

Material Inlet: Material Outlet: Wetted Parts: Min Shot Size:

Female Luer Lock Male Luer Lock



Flow Rate: Max Fluid:

0.43 GPM (Water) 60 psi 45,000 CPS Viscosity

The kit contains a selection of our most popular precision and TTN needles to let you use on different fluid types to find the ones that suit your applica- tions. Also included are a selection of pinch tubes, fluid lines, threaded input adapters. Optional larger/ smaller tips, fluid lines are available from stock.

Max Pressure:

60 PSI Fluid 12 months


The TS1201 is ideally suited to lines and potting of PVA, cyanoacrylates, UV cure, anaerobics, paint, inks, solvents, epoxies, primers and activators. The fast release ensures no drip of fluid once the trigger is released. This compact device is light to hold yet robust for industrial use.

As the system is fully pneumatic, it is ideal for use in hazardous areas where power is prohibited.

The valve uses disposable pinch tubes and there- fore requires no clean up or maintenance. Tubes are very simple to replace and can be used many thousands of times before replacement. Black tubes are available for use with UV cure or UV sensitive adhesives. Luer lock end allows the use of all standard, tapered and brush needle tips.

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