Green construction, or green building, is a relatively new concept that stresses energy and water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, the use of eco-friendly or fewer construction materials (when possible), and the structure’s overall effects on its site or the larger community. Green roofers perform job duties such as: • Installing solar energy roofing systems that have energy-collecting photo- voltaic panels built into roofing membranes, tiles, or shingles • Attaching solar panels to existing roofs • Installing modular plant- and soil-holding systems over existing roof membranes to create green roofs; these systems include protective membranes, drainage and aeration components, water retention and filtering layers, soil substrates, irrigation materials, and plants • Encouraging customers to install daylighting, which increases the admission of sunlight into a building to reduce electric lighting and save energy • Suggesting the use of metal roofing over asphalt or tile roofing because it lasts longer and provides better protection than conventional roofing ■ ■ Many roofers now install photovoltaic systems on roofs, such as the solar water panel heating component above.


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