News Scrapbook 1971-01

s, c...,,. .,..:,,o. 'J / USO se On Starts June SAN DIEGO - Dr Raymond 0 Ryland, first Jjermanent deacon ordained 10 the U.S. Catholic Church's western area, will give a special course on the Christian and ecology from 6915 p.m, Mondays through Thursdays, June 1-17 De Sales Hall, University of San Diego. The pre-summer course 1s entiHed "The Christian and the Environment a Biblical Approach to Ecology." Dr Ryland also will teach during USO's regular summer session, June 21-July 30. His courses will be ' Contemporary Understanding of Christ" and "The Christian Vision of C.S Lewis." Other pr.e session summer classes include management, psycholog) ou cling, literature, h1stor. an radio. Further information mav be obtained from the U D Director of Summer Sessions. Alcala Park. phone 291 6480, ext. 258.

Bv OSCAR RODRIGUEZ G1aduat1on ceremomes will take place May 29-:!0 al the Im aculata Ch pel on campus and the Civic Thrntre downtown. ',fas for 257 graduating seniors and 39 students receiving tcr 1legrtcs will be held at J0:30 a.m May 29 at the apel Graduation will be held at 3:30 p.m. May 30 at the 1 ic- Theatre ommenccment speaker will be Ms,{r. Alfred Horrigan, . idenl of I.lellarmm1·-Ursulim College, Louisville, Ky. Like D, Bellarmin -Ur uline Colle · a rtt-cn!ly merged Catho- c and women'$ col- performance of award-win nvitcd,' will , May 19. at 'scondido

com~ solo1 ·t rhaps

Henry orc-hestra 1n a su Polish folk a contemporary Polish compo er and in works by Elgar and Virgil Thomp on. He also wlll direct the choir in a varied program. Miss Long 1s a USD sophomore And a tudent of Ilana Mys1or of the music department She was euest soloist with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra last December during the young people"s concert series. The concert 1s free to the public. tunes by

College of ni.l Central It. o titles late 11dwest and tuurnaments, of


Sasser is a professor of English, communication and theater arts at USD, Besides producing and directing tile play, Sassrr will play the role of a Jewi h rabbi.

X H-14


Sunday, May 16, 1971

e Division Meet

ext For Toreros

New From Clubs, Associations ,,, .,<..;. - • -r /-',/ '7/

State, Tempe, Jun~ 1 Phsica Education tl var<1 years, Anna "ill ak •ion .is as ·1 • 'Int pro Concord Ho el, a resort f ab IJ~Jime~t on Kia'J1e.

I a

mcnt-plai, - 0 demons, don t ovt!rlook the Pacific Bea, h Tel!r 1s Ciub sevent anm, .\qua Fair compc!Jt :m May 29 30 31 and Jun 5 6 ~• Mis-

son Ba~ 'iou i~ 1'1e e tr~ Mary .\nn Obc Hecrea 10r. Dep F1rst A1e.

lice Department facilities will be offered the ends from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Interested persons should enter the police station at the Market St. entrance. Ocean Beach Pancake Day scheduled The Ocean Beach Kiwanis Club's annual Pancake Day will be held from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow in the :\fayfair Market parking lot at 4840 :-liagara Ave. A.$1 donation will pay for one meal, with proceeds going the Kiwanis Youth Fund. Group to discuss immifrants' experience "Memories of the Imm1g ant Experience in America" ~ill be the subject of the last meeting of the Yiddish Literary and Musical Circle at the Jewish Community Center, 4079 54th St., at 8:15 p.m. tomorrow. Admission is free to center members and 75 cents for nonmembers. De Molay chapter to install counselors Grossmont High School senior Bill Balley, son of Dr. and Mrs. William T. Bailey Jr. of 640 T}Tone St., El Cajon, will be installed as master counselor of the El Cajon chapter of the Order of De Malay at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow in the El Cajon Masonic Temple. Scott Hodges, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hodges of 1313 Exeter St., El Cajon, will become senior counselor. Rick Habib, so of Mr. and Mrs. Aziz Habib of 9950 Gorsalia Ave., La Mesa, will become junior counselor. Lecture slated on search for Atlantis Veme . m of Elsinore will lecture on "Mv Search for Lost Atlanr at Bimini" at 7:30 p.m. Sunday In Oneira Hall, 4649 Hawley Blvd. His talk will be sponsore

g memuer of th women's

•Z4u,,u,,,. m.a:Jl-' IY// Cadaver Meads Taken From lab The heads 1tf t"o fema'i cadavers were. -mov d f. om IJJOlogy lab at the l mver ih o San Diego, the first betwe n '\1av 12 anc! 14 and lhe second bcl\l'een May 14 a1 c. 17. police reported.,) esterda, The district attornev aid that removal of the head -,..- s a felony ~iolat10n of late health an~ ~alety codes after he was questoned by police whether the act was theft of propercy or i:rime agamst a person. L. E. Do11 m of the l SD se- curity st?ff aid that th h ads had been c1 ered bv orreone wilh a !(< od kno\vledge of 1nato1111 and dissection ·~o aim• has been placed on the • ss. JJOl1ce aiq.

Lab robbed atUSD

removed vers earlier not reported to ye~day. REPORT CA School and Youth Notes ~-4::«-<--L- 6"·,.;.( .,.,/

The public is invited to visit the Kearny High School sprmg art exhibit from 7 to 9:30 p.m. tomorrow. The exhibit will feature work by Kearny students consisting of paintings. draw- mgs, crafts, jewelry and photographs. Some of the works will be on sale. SOSC student to attend Civil Service program

Admen Da\e Grant and Le,v Ground ha, e formed a new agency. ... Kriem, a {;'SD profe~sor or F'r1>nch,has opened a tau- ran La F enierl', on G A,·e- RUP.. (That tr-.inslat roughly to ·10.) • • • Deejay JJiJJ Gonion now or 'bemood and Larry Gordon, no kin to llim, a ho t of a nightly KSDO talk ·how from atop J<.]I Cortez. . ,. I Jn The Alfey WHI Present 'The Invited' · The Invited," a play by ..!l!!!· versit) of San Diego professor Uenv~ Sasser, will be pre,ent- ed at 8 p.m tomorrow at In The Alie), an Escondido the- er-music spot at 340 Grand A,e. The drama about guilt and f;,miliar involvements also will be performed at 8 p.m ~lay 26. Sasser, a professor of Eng- l h, comm11nication and theater arts, will produc , direct and i:'ay the part of the Jewish rab- bi m the show. Others ap Sheila :'\ladden Diana Kucula Dame! Davis as = c•"'·"c;; K rk \1cClure as the mm1 ter

:\;fichael G. Kemp, 21, a sen- ior at San Diego State, will attend a Civil Service Com- mission training program for 60 federal executives. Kemp. is one of two undergraduates awarded a fellowship for an eight-week session of the Fed- eral Executive Institute be- ginning this week at the Uni- versitv of Virginia, Charlottes- ville. He is the son of Mr. and ..\.1rs. Horace D. Kemp of 1135 Kelton Road. Carving class slated Techniques m wood carving will be taught each Thursday for six weeks f:om 9 a.m. to noon beginning tomorro at the Santa Clara !Recreation

USD Schedules Rites To Award 419 Degrees Cc"'~ ::r-..:z? 7 The UnivE>rsit:v cf San Diego Coordinate Co!le1ses and thP School of Law will hold sepa- ra_te commencement exercises this weekend, conferring a total of 419 undergraduate, masters, and la\\ degrees. Justice Stanley \!osk, associ- ate justice of the California Su- preme Court, and Justice Mar tin Coughlin, Fourth Appellatr Court, San Diego, will be awarded honorary degrees at the la school commencement 3 p.1 day. Mosk will speak at t remon · to be held in the ol'$ C ino HaJI Th T at the com- mencement ceremonies for the coordinate coll!!ges Sunday al 3:30 p.m. m the Civic Theater. The Most Rev. Leo T. Maher Bishop of San Diego and chan'. cellor of SD, will present the degrees at the ceremonv and will be prinicipal concclcbrant with M gr Horrigan at a Bac- calaureate Mass this morning. A reception for universitv faculty and staff will be held at the Atlantis restaurant Wednes- day eveHing for retiring univer sily presidents. Honored will bp Rev. Msgr John E. Baer, pres- ident of USD, and Sister Nanrv Morns, president of the College for Women. gr Alfred F. eat of BeLiar, ollege, Louis- ill be awarded ville, K' ·an honot : •e


A,•rw-.:,"llowship Santa Clara Place. The course is offered by North Shores Adult School. Interested persons may register at the class. There is a $4. fee. ''Fashions in Motion" show will be held at 7.30 tonight in the schooi gym. The show will be produced by students enrolled in home economics. Or. Gurin to speak on 'community' Dr. Arnold Gurin, dean of Brandeis Universiiy's graduate school of social welfare, will speak at 8 p.m. tomorrow on "Community Organization in Graduate Social Work Educa- tion Curriculwn" in the Council Chambers, Aztec Center, San Diego State College. USD gefs grant to aid mentally retarded The University of San Diego has been awarded a federal grant of $21,500 for undergraduate fellowships for support training in the education of the mentally retarded. The grant, from the Bureau of Education for the Handicapped, Umted States Office of Education, is for the professional preparation of teachers of the mentally retarded in both public and private school facili · es. t. Miguel choirs fo present concert cl1x and Mt. Miguel high school choirs will presen a con- at 8 p.m. Friday m the Helix gymnasium A string uar- tet from the San Diego Symphony also will be eatured. The program will include R. Vaughn William's "Dona Nobis Pa- cem," (We Pray for Peace), and music set to Walt Whitman's •·Beat, Beat, Drums," and "Dirge for Two Veterans." Dona- tions are $1. Center, 1008 'Fashions In Motion' show scheduled The loth annual Monte Vista High School

e v1te ' goes .on stage in E condido __,,, ), /,',' 'l1 .,;;,:.L.,t. •< , Denver S r' new play, Inv ted, w II b d at The Alley, 340 E. Gra d Ave . E condido, V, dn d y and May 26 at 8

;}J/9J/ Groups Fo


A trio of rock acts - Love, the Spencer Davis Group and Starbuck - will appear at 8 p.m. Friday in the University of San Diego Gymanasium. Love, a pop group led by -=--~~

Arthur Lee, will have top bill- ing. Their best selling singles include ''My Fash On You," "Little Red ," "Hey Joe," "Alone ," "Seven And Seven ls -.i "Orange Skys." e Hecorded an album, '"Falaelltirt " Davis, one of rock's better know rhythm guitarists, has been in and out of a variety of bags since starting his origi- nal group in England in the mid-1960s. Among his early hits were "Keep on Run- ning," "Gi!JiJle Some Lov- ing" and "I'm a Man. ' Starbuck, a Los Angeles group, recently completed a tour with the Everly Broth- ers. They also appeared. with

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