SWEP Sustainability Report 2020

Engaging employees

Creating and maintaining a great workplace

SWEP is a company that aims to offer employees nothing less than the best place to work. It’s a lofty goal, but a worthwhile one. By listening to our staff, keeping them informed, supporting personal development, and promoting a respectful culture, we retain and develop our most valuable asset: a talented, motivated workforce.

Engagement and communication

Culture, ambition and goals From a communications perspective, 2020 has been uniquely demanding. Two-way communication is an essential part of engaging with fellow employees, so we have taken advantage of virtual tools like GoToWebinar and Microsoft Teams to keep the dialogue flowing. The SWEP Executive Management Team have held bi-monthly Global Town Hall meetings, that have kept all staff aware of the company’s current status and encouraged a two-way communication. New initiatives include the introduction of round-table discussions with teams around the world. These have taken place remotely of course, and have been chaired by our CEO and VP HR. At our Landskrona site, a weekly Pulse Survey has been established. This has encouraged employees to offer constructive, honest feedback as well as measuring their wellbeing, motivation and job satisfaction. Our culture plays a vital part in making SWEP a great place to work. In 2020, we strengthened the communication and visualization around our Basic Beliefs program. Basic Beliefs is about articulating the values and ambitions that we share at SWEP, and encouraging ourselves to act accordingly while we work. To make the program understandable and relatable, we have made promotional materials that have been distributed worldwide. The first step saw all

Gender equality Creating engagement and motivation

Basic beliefs



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