SWEP Sustainability Report 2020

Helping each other succeed in tough times Development of our employees

We wholeheartedly believe that work should be an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Despite the ordeals that the world has suffered in 2020, we have continued to support each other in pushing towards our goals. It’s important that personal development is handled in a systematic way, to make sure that it isn’t neglected in the face of business demands. Through personal development plans, talent programs, and site-specific enterprises, SWEP continues to support employees at all levels. At SWEP we have a formalized, well-developed annual process, with clear expectations on managers to both lead their direct reports and support their development. Personal development plans play a key part in this. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we have continued to support our employees and the completion rate for these plans was above 95%. Personal development plans With the travel restrictions put in place throughout 2020, much of our leadership training has migrated online. The SWEP Leadership Program kicked off via Microsoft Teams, and the content for the Global Business Program was adapted to make it suitable for distance learning. Thanks to innovative use of digital technology, we have also been able to hold virtual tours of all SWEP sites. Leadership programs

Talent programs

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Leadership programs

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