SWEP Sustainability Report 2020

• MSDS for chemicals

Delivering sustainability 2020 saw SWEP make a significant step towards reducing logistics-related emissions. We entered into a partnership with DSV Panalpina, which opens up new possibilities for the use of renewable fuels and a major reduction in carbon emissions. Scoping studies are underway in Sweden, where we intend to reduce emissions associated with freight by an initial 50%. Our longer-term ambitions are to cut emissions even further to achieve our carbon neutral goal in 2030.

In addition to EU regulations and directives, we insist that our suppliers use Material Safety Data Sheets when working with hazardous chemicals

• Compliance with Dodd-Frank Act, Conflict Minerals For suppliers who work with conflict minerals (such as tin, tungsten, tantalum, gold and their ores and derivatives), we demand that due diligence is undertaken to ensure that such materials are sourced ethically and sustainably, in compliance with the US Dodd- Frank Act, Section 1502

• Compliance with safety regulations (e.g. CE marking in Europe)

All manufactured products we receive must be marked with the European CE marking or equivalent. This ensures that any parts that we use are safe and environmentally friendly.

• PED and ASME certification

These are important safety standards for the use of pressure equipment. By insisting that our suppliers have this certification, where applicable, we protect workers in our supply chain from unnecessary safety risks.

Delivering sustainability

• The Dover Corporation Supplier Code of Conduct In addition to the demands that SWEP make of our suppliers, we also insist on compliance with the code of conduct of our parent

company, Dover. This covers areas such as complying with local and international laws, maintaining a fair and safe workplace, and committing to conserve natural resources and reduce waste.



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