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On any given day, Middleton might . be : dispelling campus myths such as the incorrect assumption by some students that they can skip one final if they were scheduled for three in one day; talking to parents; reminding professors about meeting times and deadlines; and processing requests from students who are challenging a grade. It's all potential fodder for a book she always jokes about writing on the 101 most common excuses on campus. "I've heard so many excuses," Middleton says. "During finals week, it's amazing how many grandparents pass away. I had to question a student once and say, d idn't that same grandma with that same name die last week?" She often untangles mistakes made by students and, in the process, teaches them that it doesn't always pay _to listen to their friends' advice. "Students go the whole year attending the wrong section of a class because their friends are in another section," Middleton says. "At the end of the year they panic because the professor they signed up with has no idea who they are. They always say the same thing, 'I told my friend, so-and-so, and she said it was OK."' This time of year, Middleton is busy registering incoming freshmen for classes. "I've been known to call professors and beg them to let a student in," says Middleton. "It's all part of the job." Catherine Crutchfield, executive assistant to Drinan, agrees that Middletc:m is invaluable. "This place wouldn't survive. I couldn't imagine how we would ever be able to do it without Janey," Crutchfield says. "We could function, but it wouldn't be the same."

committed to having its work force reflect the diversity of its student body and the San Diego community. To that end, when filling a position, it makes good sense to cast the widest possible net. The human resources department works with departments to determine the recruitment and hiring process needed to fill a specific position. Usually, postings for an opening fall into one of three categories: external listings in trade magazines, newspapers and other appropriate publications; campus-wide listings; and department-only listings. In all three scenarios, the postings also are listed on the USD Web site. Candidates who apply through that venue are given full consideration.

Dear H.R. Is it possible to fill either a staff or adminis- trative position from within the university without having to post the job and go through the whole hiring process? - Hankerin' to Hire Dear Hankerin', Don't let the empty desk in the office, the out-of-date calendar on the wall or the piles of paperwork accumulating in the absence of your former co-worker rush you in the hiring process. The university is committed to recruiting the finest candidates and hiring the best person for a position. It also is

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Dean Patrick Drinan, who nominated Middleton, says she was instrumental during a recent reorganization. "Janey, in her quiet and dignified manner, supported us and was an exceptional part of a team that is responsible for managing and monitoring the greatest amount of academic work on this campus," Drinan says. "Janey's strengths in understanding myriad rules and regulations, and which faculty or offices are responsible, make her a key gatekeeper in our office."

many forms that flow in and out of the office, and remembering little details such as how some faculty members and department heads prefer to have mail addressed. "I do it all," Middleton says. "People come to me for everything from ordering supplies and asking about procedures to changing the toner in the fax machine and buying coffee for the lounge."

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