Biophysical Society 59th Annual Meeting Program Guide

189-P lat 5:00 pm SMALL ANGLE NEUTRON AND X-RAY SCATTERING REVEAL CONFORMATIONAL DIFFERENCES IN DETERGENTS AFFECTING RHODOPSIN ACTIVATION. Utsab Shrestha , Debsindhu Bhowmik, Suchithranga Perera, Udeep Chawla, Andrey V. Struts, Vito Graziano, Shuo Qian, William T. Heller, Michael F. Brown, Xiang-Qiang Chu 190-P lat 5:15 pm education travel awardee DETERMINING THE FREE ENERGY OF MEMBRANE PROTEIN DIMERIZATION IN LIPID BILAYERS. Venkatramanan Krishnamani , Kacey Mersch, Rahul Chadda, Ankita Chadda, Janice Robertson 191-P lat 5:30 pm A FRET ANALYSIS OF THE FTSB-FTSL TRANSMEMBRANE DOMAIN INTERACTIONS OF THE E.COLI DIVISOME SUGGESTS A HIGHER ORDER OLIGOMERIC COMPLEX WITH A 1:1 STOICHIOMTERY. Ambalika S. Khadria , Alessandro Senes 192-P lat 5:45 pm MEMBRANE-INDUCED DIMERIZATION OF COAGULATION FACTOR VIII. Daniela Dalm, Kirill Grushin, Jaimy Miller, Montgomery Pettitt, Svetla Stoilova-McPhie THE COOPERATIVE ASSEMBLY OF IFI16 FILAMENTS ON DSDNA PROVIDES INSIGHTS INTO HOST DEFENSE STRATEGY. Jungsan Sohn , Seamus Morrone, Tao Wang, Richard Hooy 194-P lat 4:15 pm A HELICAL TRANSPORT MECHANISM FOR TYPE III SECRETION. Rashmi Gupta, Gregory Bubnis , Christian Goosmann, Adam Lange, Helmut Grubmueller, Michael Kolbe 195-P lat 4:30 pm UNRAVELING THE LINK BETWEEN NONLINEAR MECHANICS, MICROSTRUCTURE, AND MOLECULAR PACKING OF FIBRIN. Nicholas A. Kurniawan , Jos Grimbergen, Izabela K. Piechocka, Karin A. Jansen, Fred C. MacKintosh, Jaap Koopman, Gijsje H. Koenderink 196-P lat 4:45 pm DIMERIZATION OF THE PTEN TUMOR SUPPRESSOR AND ITS STRUCTURAL CHARACTERIZATION BY SAXS. Frank Heinrich , Hirsh Nanda, Srinivas Chakravarthy, Rakesh K. Harishchandra, Arne Gericke, Alonzo H. Ross, Mathias Lösche 197-P lat 5:00 pm MOLECULAR SIMULATIONS OF THE CAPSID RELEASE AND MEMBRANE BINDING PROCESSES OF FLOCK HOUSE LYTIC PEPTIDES. Allyn R. Brice , Shivangi Nangia, Eric R. May 198-P lat 5:15 pm RECONSTITUTION OF MULTIVALENT PDZ DOMAIN BINDING TO THE SCAFFOLD PROTEIN PSD-95 REVEALS TERNARY-COMPLEX SPECIFICITY OF COMBINATORIAL INHIBITION. James J. McCann, Ucheor Choi, Mark Bowen 199-P lat 5:30 pm QUANTIFYING PROTEIN-PROTEIN BINDING ENERGY AND ENTROPY USING MOLECULAR DYNAMICS SIMULATIONS. Sunhwan Jo , Wei Jiang, Benoit Roux 4:00 pm –6:00 pm , R oom 314/315 Platform Protein Assemblies Co-Chairs Jungsan Sohn, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute Eric May, University of Connecticut 193-P lat 4:00 pm

200-P lat 5:45 pm GENERATION OF ELECTROCHEMICAL GRADIENT FROM PEPTIDE SELF-ASSEMBLY. Sha Li , Anil K. Mehta, Anton Sidorov, Thomas M. Orlando, David G. Lynn 4:00 pm –6:00 pm , R oom 316/317 Platform Member Organized Session: Protein Nanoassemblies and Networks in Bacterial Chemotaxis and other Two-component Signaling Systems Co-Chairs Lynmarie Thompson, University of Massachusetts Sriram Subramaniam, NIH 201-P lat 4:00 pm INSIGHTS FROM PHOSPHORYLATION PROFILING OF AN AUTOREGULATED TWO-COMPONENT SYSTEM. Rong Gao, 4:15 pm HYDROGEN EXCHANGE REVEALS DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BACTERIAL CHEMORECEPTOR SIGNALING STATES. Seena S. Koshy, Xuni Li, Stephen J. Eyles, Robert M. Weis, Lynmarie K. Thompson 203-P lat 4:30 pm DISULFIDE TRAPPING AND SPECTROSCOPIC STUDIES OF BACTERIAL CHEMOSENSORY CORE SIGNALING COMPLEXES: PROBING MOLECULAR MECHANISMS OF COMPLEX ASSEMBLY AND RECEPTOR-REGULATED ON-OFF SWITCHING. Joseph J. Falke , Kene N. Piasta, Marie Balboa, Jane Duplantis, Hayden Swisher, Michael Turvey 204-P lat 4:45 pm FLAGELLAR MOTOR ARCHITECTURE. Frederick W. Dahlquist 205-P lat 5:00 pm STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS OF THE RECEPTOR:KINASE COMPLEX THAT MEDIATES BACTERIAL CHEMOTAXIS. Brian R. Crane 206-P lat 5:15 pm HAMP: THE CPU DOMAIN OF BACTERIAL CHEMORECEPTORS. John Parkinson 207-P lat 5:30 pm SIGNAL INTEGRATION BY BACTERIAL CHEMOSENSORY COMPLEXES. Victor Sourjik 208-P lat 5:45 pm ARCHITECTURE AND ASSEMBLY OF CHEMORECEPTOR ARRAYS AS SEEN BY ELECTRON CRYOTOMOGRAPHY. Ariane Briegel Ann Stock 202-P lat

4:30 pm –6:00 pm , H all C, R oom B Exhibitor Presentation OriginLab Corporation

Data Analysis and Graphing Using Origin 2015 Origin is an easy-to-use software application with data analysis and publication-quality graphing for science and engineering. This workshop will cover key features including importing data from multiple sources including Excel and third-party file formats, LabVIEW connectivity, creating and customizing multi-panel graphs, graphical exploration and analysis, curve fitting, peak analysis, signal processing, and statistics. Time


Biophysical Society 59 th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland

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