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O f course, our facility is just a small part of the extraordinary U.S. Marine Corps Base that we have been honored to share since the 1930s. Our place there began to gel after the passage of the National Firearms Act, confirmed Bureau personnel authority to carry firearms as federal agents and to arm and train them in the use of those arms. At the time, a rapid mobilization was needed: firearms ranges and training expertise had to be found to bring us up-to-snuff as we faced Dillingers, Baby Face Nelsons, and Pretty Boy Floyds robbing banks and killing police with impunity. The U.S. Armed Services and police partners were there for us. Camp Ritchie, Camp Sims, Fort Washington, and Quantico were all offered and experienced Army, Marines, and veteran law enforcement trainers engaged. New training regimens were integrated into the New Agent curriculum. The late Hank Sloan , an FBI grown firearms legend, remembered what these early days looked like, recording in his

This year we celebrate the anniversary of the modern FBI Academy campus. In May 1972, 50 years ago, our new Academy opened its doors and soon welcomed the first New Agent and National Academy classes to take advantage of its state-of the-art facilities. Quantico, as we usually refer to our school, has become not just an institution, but its image and myth have permeated our popular culture in print and screen.

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