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memory, you wouldn’t want to print because it involved two attendees from another country which I don’t want name. They were sent home because of their approach to one of the two women officers. As I said they carried themselves well in all the training and held high respect. There were six sections in that class, Section A, B, C, D, E and F. I was in the F section. After being assigned as “F” section it took less than 24 hours for the leaders in that group to come up with “F Troop”! That group held a legacy for a long time, maybe not 50 years but a long time. Not all of it was tame! Nice to have someone write about us so long ago. I don’t know how many of us there are left but I salute all of you! Arnie Daxe D.C. Chapter: Ann Schrader was in my section when Agent Frank Sass was about to give a pretty graphic presentation on sex crimes. Before the class started, he basically told/advised/asked Detec tive Schrader if she would rather step outside the class for a few minutes as she might feel uncomfortable. Detective Schrader stood up and said, “Mr. Sass, I am Detective Schrader from the Virgin Islands and down there (I am now quoting her verbatim) I am known as D***less Tracy!” Yes indeed, SA Sass (after coughing a few times with a smile on his face) said, “You may now sit down and on with the class.” It took a bit for the class to stop laughing and the class did go on. There is no way I could have made this up! My roommate was Glenn A. Dyer, a Korean War veteran, the Undersheriff, Alameda County, Ca. and eventually became the Sheriff. He was a gentleman, a Marine (in his case not an oxymoron), and a great roommate to this Army major. He was born in 1929 and passed in July 1999 from cancer. He was a 38-year veteran of the Alam eda County Sheriff's Office. I did know NYC DET Renzullo and sometimes we had lunch together as both of us were from NY. I got my MA from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 1969. Ann Schrader was in Sec E but somehow she wound up in our section for Frank’s class. Renzullo was in A. Sorry to hear Vickie passed away. She was a bundle of energy and super nice. David (Bud) Cook California Chapter: While Victoria and Ann were in our 91st Session, they were not in my 'section'. What I do remember is that they were ac cepted as fellow officers, did the same routines as males and got some joyful teasing. They were 'ground breakers' or 'glass ceil ing' breakers. As an aside, I attended the Academy as a Captain and in 1979, I was elected as the Sheriff of Monterey County, Cali fornia. I went through the chairs and then served as President of the California Chapter of FBI NA Graduates in 1981. Ed Werder Florida Chapter: I am glad that someone is writing about our Session, the 91st, and pleased it is you who is doing so. I was in Section E and, and because my name starts with a W, I was in the last row with Ann Schrader. She sat on one end and I near the other. She was a class act, one who embraced being selected to at tend the FBI National Academy and proud of her native St. Croix. She was the Supervisor of the Detective Bureau and a Detective First Grade. We had social conversations during the Session and discussed not only what law enforcement concepts we had in common with one another, but also some of the nuances that were somewhat different in how we applied our craft. I was serv

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