Associate Magazine - FBINAA - Q4 - 2022

Jenny Nichols Unit Chief, Coordination and Support Unit, FBI Academy – Training Division ACADEMY UPDATE 50th Anniversary Celebration - THANK YOU I t most definitely takes a village to pull off an event such as the FBI Academy 50th Anniversary Celebration. The “thank yous” are countless and my words will never express my full gratitude to you all. The theme of our 50th anniversary celebration was about the evolution of the FBI Academy and the people – our amazing em ployees those who work here, those who worked here and those who opened the doors in 1972. The celebration would not have been complete without being in the company of the 1972 graduates and the Training Divi sion Icons. 1972 GRADUATES New Agents: Dennis Alvater, J. Edgar Corby, Al Letizio, Susan Roley Malone, Bill Stollhans, Matt Tricorico, TomWalsh, Bill Young and Jim Meder (Counselor). We thank them for their stories, for inspiring our staff and students, and for their lifelong service to Law Enforcement. We were honored to have them back at the Academy, 50 years later. It was a pleasure to host them, meet their guests, and speak with each of them. TRAINING DIVISION ICONS Dr. Jim O’Connor, Research & Planning Unit 1968-1972, TD DAD (EOD 1965) Dennis Miller, Legal Instructor 1972-1975 (EOD 1965) Beatrice Aud, TD Front Office (EOD 1977) Kurt Crawford, TD Media Rep (EOD 1980) Judson Ray, UC ITAU/BSU (EOD 1980) Richard Hoskins, UC ITAU (EOD 1985) Steven Conlon, BSU/NA Instructor (EOD 1985/2008) Vince Dalfonzo, Crisis Negotiator/NA Instructor(EOD 1987) Training Division Icons, thank you for “coming home” to the Academy, speaking at our Then & Now Fireside Chat and partici pating in the Expo. We received so much positive feedback on the Expo and how your presence made it so much more than anyone had expected. You all play a major role in the success of the Acad emy and our rich history. National Academy: Roy Skagen and Bill Stocker Dr. Roger Depue, UC BSU 1980-1989 (EOD 1968) Susan Zamperini, TD Front Office (EOD 1969) Ken Lanning, BSU 1981-2000 (EOD 1970) Stan Switala, PTU/TEVOC (EOD 1972) Buddy McGinnis, LAB/NA Instructor (EOD 1972)

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There is not enough space in this column to thank all the National Academy staff by name who made this event possible – 50 years of staff, instructors and students. Please know your spirit and excitement live on in the halls of this Academy. The FBI partnership with the National Academy will forever be valued and remains the primary reason we opened our doors in 1972. I have been with the FBI for almost 22 years and I have never had a more rewarding experience than meeting those of you that I did not know, seeing my retired friends again, and watching your faces light up as you shared your stories, made new friends and reconnected. While trying to ensure this was a special event for our guests, FBI staff, and students, you all made this a very special and personal event for me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.


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