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Tim Braniff

A s we all prepare for the joyful holiday season, it doesn’t go without a heartfelt reminder and prayer for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, and to their fami lies doing without their presence over the holiday, plus our first responder brothers and sisters experiencing various struggles and loss as a result of Hurricane Ian. We owe it to the families, loved ones, and close law enforcement colleagues to remember and pray for them during these difficult times. We also need to revere and appreciate the work being done by our men and women working the streets and answering the call, while several of us cherish family holiday traditions. On behalf of the FBINAA National Board and Staff, we welcome our newest members from Session #283, and the upcoming grad uation from Session #284 on December 8th. It was a tremendous honor for me personally, to meet each of them, and welcome them into the finest law enforcement association in the world. “Why Membership Matters” – one of my many roles this presidential year is being the best advocate and ambassador for not only our National Office Team, but our Membership Commit tee and their innovative work being done to increase member benefits. I realize I continue to put this on the forefront of each chapter, but as I initiated our first of many Virtual Engagement Meetings (VEM) , with each chapter within each of the four sec tions, I wanted to provide a regular opportunity for the chapters to hear about the great things happening within our association, but also summon ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and successes from our chapter leaders. This tremendous opportunity for chapter leaders to jump on from their office or home and virtu ally connect provided a new norm and allowed them to con nect more regularly to help build consistent and strong models throughout our association. "Our Membership Purpose” although important, for a stronger membership program is greater than the connectivity through a computer screen. My in-person visits over the past several months, along with our board members visiting chapters within their sections has reinforced my faith and persistence in our goal to increase membership chapter by chapter, and sec tion by section, and what our role as an association means to our law enforcement agencies, communities, and network. The importance of networking opportunities, consistent association business, member outreach, and training continues to drive our ability to effect positive change. To listen and hear about mem ber milestones, successes, challenges, and our role is critical to everyone, not just an individual chapter or area of our work. Additionally, as promised, our Membership Committee is working diligently to help develop new ideas and value for our life membership program. As we roll out some new Life Member benefits this January, I asked our committee to recognize that these benefits should be a moving target and continually look at new incentives and member value, and to present them to the National Board. We must continuously recognize and reward those life-long members who continue their unwavering support for our association. I emphasized to them, this programmust be evaluated on a constant basis, to ensure we are providing the

quality and value of member benefit to award those sustain ing members and encourage all members to strive toward this triumph. Member value is more than when one receives their membership, it is the training, shared network, personal devel opment, being a part of the strongest law enforcement network and so much more. Unlike any other, the power of our active members means our association has a shared influence throughout the world. Beyond our mission or purpose, our association is often used as a leverage for a member’s expertise or resource to address critical need or advice through a collective attribute of FBINAA Membership. We must continue to focus on the positive aspects of investing in relationships that help us flourish. As we compare ourselves to other associations, we face similar challenges for member engagement, but the generational makeup of our asso ciation and organizational structure continues to help strength en our motivational fulfillment and support. This attitude and dedication only motivates our engagement with each member and our association as a whole, while we identify gaps and op portunities for our members to stay engaged. As you “Think Membership” , I continue to be inspired by your work, and look forward to visiting with several of you over the next few months and hear about your success stories with increased membership and value. Have a blessed holiday season, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Be safe,

Tim Braniff FBINAA President FBINA 226

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