Education Centres Brochure 2019


Our five education centres each host practical programmes and activities that impart 21st century skills and knowledge to students, enabling them to be success- ful global citizens. Our programmes are on par with global trends of AI, Robotics, and technological advancements in environmental protection and conservation.

Leadership and team-building activities


State-of-the-art teaching facilities

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S t a t e - o f - t h e - a r t

P e r s o n a l d e v e l o p m e n t

WESSA e-STEAM and President’s Award

Education for Sustainable Development

T e a c h i n g t h e S D G s

S e r v i c e

P r o j e c t s

2 1 s t c e n t u r y

Central Bookings Office Tel +27(0) 87 460 0600 Email

O u t d o o r

A d v e n t u r e

s k i l l s

FGASA, Camp craft training, hiking and adventure

Field Studies and research projects

2 1 s t c e n t u r y r e s o u r c e s

S c h o o l C u r r i c u l u m

Subject specific programmes Linked to CAPS / IEB and International curricula

Technology skills – GIS, Dataloggers, Computers

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