CHIEF May 2019

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Ode – “My Guitar”

O guitar how you bless me with your beautiful sounds The strings strumming against my guitar pick Your many different strings as I sternum each string creating a different sound My fingers making a dent as I press on the strings Making me excited every time When I’m at school I think of you When I come home you’re still there waiting for me.

Caitlyn Cotter Carson Gregory Clay Miller Luke Morrissette Madison McDormand Alyssa Rodriguez Crysta Saucedo

Lauren Smith Gabriel Travis Becca True Jasmine White

By Mason Spiker

“Ode to My Dog”

Mr. Blair, Faculty Sponsor Dr. Soares, Faculty Sponsor

I love watching my dog sleep and love watching him Peep his head out of my door The feel of the brush on his white fur While playing with him feeling his playful bite Makes me feel thrilled that I am his owner My wonderful dog Buddy Buddy is wonderful as puddy I like your fur that makes me feel warm inside OOOh! Buddy such a wonderful and cheerful and loyal dog

By Tucker Riordan

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