If you need to hide, keeping quiet is essential. Turn all

Part of a proactive journey management plan should focus on a pre-arranged

your electronic devices to silent, and make sure the

destination for a group to meet in the event of an emergency. That plan should also have a

family, friends or anyone else with you are kept silent as

TIP #7.

TIP #5. Silence is Golden

well. Terrorist gunmen could be looking for hostages or victims. Don’t make it easy for them to find you. Be silent.

second pre-arranged location, in the event the first location might prove too dangerous. Agree on a timeframe and cut-off limit for when to meet at the first

Regroup with Your Group

location, before moving to the second one (which should be

further away from the danger zone). A good rule of thumb for wait time is one hour. It’s also important you contact

your home office as soon as possible.

A safe haven is where you can take refuge for an

extended period of time. Safe havens can include hotels, restaurants, cafés or shops.

Once inside, keep away from the main entrance, windows and any large glass walls or panels. More serious injuries can occur from broken glass, metal and masonry than from an initial bomb explosion.

TIP #6. Seek Out a

Safe Haven

The above suggestions are general, but represent a good

place to mitigate the risk and danger of terrorism.

starting point toward proactive planning. Companies are highly encouraged to develop specific risk assessments to help ensure employee safety through journey management. Once those assessments are evaluated, it’s important to ensure plans are in


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