TE16 Turkish Delight

Ten Poems

I drew the dance of my soul on your bodies. I was a Zen warrior who contemplates the heart of a philosopher, I was a musician who heard the symphony of the streets within, I was a black slave captive to an English master, So tell me, who really was I? As a voyager ready for you passing by I carried the world within me like an invisible dance.

Pina, why were you left alone at Café Muller? As heavenly as an angel’s wings You brought to light the dance of dreams, In the wake, it was everlasting mystery of this world

Poured into our spirits, it was you That consanguinity in our arteries

An elixir that circulates through secret-self The one who insprited a dance of infinities Now there she is the one; only rhapsodic, Her semblance whirls around peacefully in abyss Till atomically she hurls herself a love of bliss


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