TE16 Turkish Delight

Erkut Tokman

Ancient Sin

Now we float over the cool winds of the Mediterranean These olive groves shelter an ancient secret It’s been sleeping there for centuries, Towards the Renaissance, If I walked through these statues they might all weep Wanting to talk, screaming, but all is frozen, immortal! That ladder climbing to the soul is empty, no one around? We’re alone in the graveyard of myths, as if they’ll come back to life Perhaps in a moment they’ll whisper all their secrets in your ear Explaining the mystery scattered around by time’s secret powders, You must have a story written in books they’ll say, Old murders buried in the castle of lost souls Who are the heroes you seek within the ages of ruin? Spinning within the chaos this drawn out roar Unwritten stories in the pages of history While now for the first time the Mediterranean glitters within my soul Whose is this wound, hidden within the sun, bleeding with its heat? Whose name is carried afar by this sea blown into me? I swim towards the you lost inside myself Embracing like my sins however many waves there are to reach the shore Perhaps now you’ll come from all that distance


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