TE16 Turkish Delight

Ten Poems

The inward-born mountain

For my friend A serenade to kill a mouse

Filling the squares like the letters of a crossword Were the words of friendship you carried within Untangling that secret tongue of the heart’s mountain Are the volcanic flames which rise from your chest

Looking at that mountain, there is A trail, hidden, climbing to the heights Like silver spilt from a wise man’s beard Words light up that road unceasing

The fog burying the mountain might cloud your sight Yet you still understand and find your path A mouse, entering the mountain, waylays you Defying the heat of your infinite perception

Yet a cat takes one look at the mountain Realises what the mouse has on its mind Its teeth gnawing through the pain of a hope Its worldly cares inviting its demise

Now inside the mountain’s heart a mystery summons infinity A world is reflected from your eyes, lost in thought The wise man is spoken to by thousands of white roses within The voice of the mountain keeps echoing amongst realms


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