TE16 Turkish Delight

Erkut Tokman A Morning Walk in Manhattan

Dedicated to the memory of Goethe

“More light!” , I say to myself And Goethe arrives, on his usual Daily walk alongside the Main, Dawn is breaking, Goethe arrives, poems aflame inside Then a child, a dog The people of the city pouring out That river flowing in the west, closer to the east Your divan between the East and the West, Jesus and Mohammad Between you and Hafiz That mirror burning within the flames of love. In the heart of an actor at Weimar Theatre I am silent, the winds talk of your voice, Faust’s longing in the humming of the sycamores,

Echoes amongst your walls, That’s what this river carries! Then, from a city to another, To its quotidian little people, To me, to this young girl,

To our German friend and his dog, It flows, dragging everything with it, Even further away:


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