TE16 Turkish Delight

Selim Ileri grieving Nihal, who played pieces of Schumann around those times (Before you ask, she’s the young girl from Forbidden Love). The following spring, on a mimosa scented day, together went on a trip to Heybeli Ada and donated the violin to a primary school built in a renovated mansion that used to be called the Triandaphillis Residence. My Uncle Nejdet was never able to play that violin in this life, and my family was hoping that children who still had aspirations could. People at the school had thanked us and promised that they would see to the commemoration of this “precious” violin at all times, causing my mother to burst in fresh tears. Why did you make me tell all this, Shefkati? I’d moved on from these troubling states of mind years ago. Life does go on after all. Usually in my monotone days and years, I think of my Uncle Nejdet as a content man, he even thought of getting married one day. But I shall add this: Nowthat I’vewrittenthesedown, I’mhorrified. Shivers pass through my spine. My heart isn’t suffering from any love-induced pain, it never has, to my knowledge. Yet why does it ache so much? I wish we could go there this spring, and see what has come of that violin. What do you say?


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