TE16 Turkish Delight

Letters to Shefkati



It turns out there are things to see!

I was way wrong to complain about my monotone life. Today, I’d practically do anything to get back to that monotony. Or if only I could start learning to play the piano from Mademoiselle Vehanush all over again… Once, I lived in peace. Once I felt other things than agony and angst in a day. On the contrary even; I would wake up early and quickly get out of my bed, jump some rope before breakfast and go out to the garden to check if the jasmines bloomed… It also turns out I couldn’t understand any of those moments, let alone appreciating them. My breakfasts, they were in fact acts of joy. And the jams from Aunty Shahende were true bliss, not only for my taste buds but also for my soul. Jasmines scattered around on the dirt… My memories that surfaced to sadden me… They’d been trying to show me my childhood, my times of wander… Irony of fate, Shefkati. How can I best convey this to you…? (But keep this between us, okay?) Danger came knocking on my door. I’d be ruined if people knew!


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