TE16 Turkish Delight

Selim Ileri It was a morning like any other, I did the dishes after breakfast and left. Niko and the boy had already taken out the heating stove, but it had been an October that felt like September, or August even. The sky was clear, not a dot of cloud in the light blue dome above. Outside I saw a bunch of sparrows swarming around breadcrumbs. Another moment of pure joy, I let it pass by. The joy that I didn’t appreciate was a spark of life in reality, I just thought that it’d died. That time of the year was like cocklebur growing exponentially, bursting out of every corner. One couldn’t have looked any other way. Everyone parrots about cocklebur by the way, but no one knows what it is for real. It is in fact a shameless little spike with yellow flowers and it grows in the broken bits of ruins, by the sidewalks and around deserted roads. I could have very well snapped back into sanity by the sight of those gorgeous little yellow flowers that God granted to those gnarly cocklebur reaching out fromthewalls of historic buildings; instead I kept complaining over the things I was blessed with.

It was a windy morning. Yesterday, that was. I think I’m still appalled after the tragic events that transpired.

I entered the printing house staring at the poplar trees, with my cotton boater in my hands. Unfortunately, and wrongly my


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