TE16 Turkish Delight

While Thomas is Falling MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF THE PERVERTED PHOTOGRAPHER Thomas Dumas, dubbed the pervert of the century, found the place he deserved; the bottom of a pit. Spanish model Maria Saura was posing for the mute and cripple Dumas when he fell down from a cliff in the small town Füssen in Germany, and she paid the cost for that pose heavily. Saura was deported from her country and her church excommunicated her. The professor, who was known to be friends with the so-called photographer and who promoted these pictures as if they had some artistic value, was seen getting intimate with the displaced model at the train station in Munich. It is unknown what this mysterious couple was after. They were allegedly running their own investigation around the cliff that Thomas Dumas fell from. According to our credible sources, the couple got on a plane to Istanbul from the airport in Munich a couple of hours after being seen at the station. Unbelievable! A story couldn’t have been published in such a subjective and offensive tone. And therewas definitely something offaboutthatman; highlylikelyhehad interpretedthewholething way too much. A translator does that, right? Pick certain words, change the tone a bit, or a lot. “Pervert,” “so-called photographer”.


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