TE16 Turkish Delight

Altay Öktem There was no way a national newspaper used such phrasing… It was certainly, and entirely that boogyman’s doing. And the facts weren’t even there! Seen getting intimate at the train station! The connotation of “getting caught.” First of all, we weren’t hiding or running from something; we were going our way, as casually as it got, like normal, problem-free people did. And we weren’t intimate or anything, for God’s sake… There was at least seven or eight inches between Maria and I in the picture. They couldn’t have written that. People reading would surely call them out for it, question their journalism and deny being that flagrantly deceived. It would be an unacceptable assault, and not to us, to the readers! A paper wouldn’t survive a day playing their reader for a fool. Impossible! It was that translator scum… AND, how did they know we were coming here? Why was the press following us?… My brain ached as I tried to make sense of all this. I needed Maria, right away. She had to hear this and we had to decide: Werewe going to stay in Istanbul, or could she risk leaving behind the opportunities here and move on without losing any more time?

Where would we go, though? Where on earth would we be safer?

And the “we”?


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