TE16 Turkish Delight

While Thomas is Falling

Was I incapable of making plan without Maria?

What the heck was going on with me?…

I chugged the room temperature tea at the bottom of my glass, and decided to sit back and wait for the clock to hit 6:00 P.M. and Maria to come in through the door. Waiting in the room and laying down would be better, wouldn’t it? Yes, it would… It was 4:20 P.M. Time wasn’t frozen, but it wasn’t going by with ease either… But, hold on. There’s the Maiden Tower on the deep blue sky between the hour hand and the minute hand. Before, it was the Galata Tower. It was, I’m sure of it! Who is changing the picture on the clock? Well, no one is obviously. I must be losing it… It’s 4:28. Fuck! I’d forgotten the rest of the story while I went on an internal rant. I wondered how they filled somuch stuff under Seniha’s picture… The Tragic End of the Turkish … Oh my…What kind of a journalist would… Uh, I didn’t even know at that point if I should blame that peeve of a translator or the author. I truly didn’t know.

The Tragic End of the Turkish Girl

The 70s witnessed the “artist” Thomas Dumas’ frequent visits to Istanbul and the quick revelation of his intentions. Dumas was after Seniha, the young, beautiful, and successful photomodel who appeared in famous magazines at the time, trapping her to shoot nudes and selling them for astonishing profits to obscenemediums


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