TE16 Turkish Delight

Altay Öktem Everything was getting scarier. Rıza was still talking to the wall behind me, sometimes without blanking for suspiciously long moments. And I still wasn’t making sense of this charade. “But that doesn’t make any sense. Why would Thomas Dumas leave the films to your sister? He would’ve taken his work with him when he left.”

He didn’t answer me. He didn’t look like he was communicating either. He just smiled.

“Okay, but still, why am I here? I don’t knowanything about those pictures, or this cellar. Isn’t kidnapping a crime here? The police must be looking for me already.” He stood upandwalked to thedoorwithout saying a singleword. I heard the metal door closewith a squeaky slam. Then, everything fell back to an apocalyptic silence.


Maria stayed up almost all night, and in the brief moments when she managed to fall asleep, she woke up in sweat and felt even worse than before because of the dreadful scenarios she saw in her dreams. In the meantime, Anders was coiled up in a corner of the cellar, trying to figure out if he was to be killed and hoping for it happen sooner rather than later if so.


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