TE16 Turkish Delight

While Thomas is Falling


This Rıza guy was obviously trying to avenge his sister’s death. But how? I thought not knowing what would happen was the worst part in all this while I tried to warm myself by walking around in the cellar. He had said something like “these pictures will serve you well.” Maybe he knew something more, or maybe he had other plans in mind for me. On second thought, maybe he wasn’t trying to avenge her but rather make money off of his sister’s death—amourning opportunist? Although hedidn’t need to take all of my clothes to negotiate. I began to lose faith. All I wanted at that point was for Rıza to come back and tell it to me straight, or shoot me in the head. Maria began packing up, unwillingly. She was about to be picked up anytime now and taken to some place called Balat, then to the Maiden’s Tower for photoshoots. The idea of work gave her headaches, posing seemed impossible today. She wanted to leave everything behind and just get on the first plane to somewhere else where she could move on, maybe even be happy and forget about Anders and all this. Only, there wasn’t such a place... Asshewalkedpast thereceptionto leavethehotel, thereceptionist said: “Good morning!” to Maria with a big grin. “Any news from your friend?” *


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