TE16 Turkish Delight

Altay Öktem Maria said “No.” The boy didn’t actually hear her, but rather read her lips.


The metal door opened and Rıza, still wearing the same suit, came in. I wondered if he lived in this building. Odd that that was the first thing that I thought of.

He was holding a big yellow envelope. He proceeded with the stool routine.

When he took his seat, I said: “Look, I know you’re angry. But I’m not, nor was I ever after your sister’s pictures. Can you please let me go?”

He made no expression whatsoever.

“What do you want from me? Do it if you want to kill me. I have nothing. You have me. What ever it is that you’re planning, tell me. And can I please get my clothes back? At least some food and water?” He opened the envelope, and took out a bunch of pictures printed on largecopypaperandgavethemtome. Although Iwasstupefied, I went through the prints. They were remarkable! These would change Thomas Dumas’ career altogether. He took Seniha out of the concepts of time and place, ornamented the paper with her


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