ILCTE Lesson Amanda R Infection Control Heroes-2 Google Driv

For this lesson, the focus is on Personal Ethic (integrity) & Work Ethics (professionalism), Teamwork (critical thinking) and Communication (verbal and non-verbal).


How it is addressed:

Personal Ethic Perseverance

Students will need to use time management strategies to complete longer projects that are researched based or may require repeated evaluation to stay on task.

Engage: Step #1

Communication Active Listening Clear Communication

Students need to listen to classmates’ perspectives and feedback on technique. They also need to follow instructions to complete activities and then be able to apply their knowledge to explaining steps and producing a project.

Engage: Step #1 Explore: Part II, Activity #1, Steps 1 & 2 Explore: Part II, Activity #2, Step 1

Teamwork Critical Thinking

Students need to use prior learned knowledge to clean up correctly, finish a research paper and consider how it applies to their future position as healthcare workers

Elaborate: Activity # 1, 2 & 3

Resources Needed:

What tools, materials, documents, etc. are needed to teach this lesson?

Computer access ThingLink or other LMS Poster paper Markers, scissors, colored paper, stapler or tape Gloves - Sm - Med - Lrg - XLrge (be sure they are nitrile vinyl gloves and not latex gloves due to latex allergy) Masks Isolation gown or button up shirt Soap and water Ball(s) Glo-germ or lotion with glitter Stamps for mailing and envelopes Black light

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