Alcalá View 2001 17.7

A newsletter for the employees of the University of San Diego View

April 2001, Vol. 17, Issue 7

Something Special in the Air at USO U SO recently signed a contract with American Airlines that may result in significant savings to the university. American will offer a 13 percent reduction off regular fares for all university business travel, including trips by athletic teams, students and faculty. The agreement is part of a larger effort by the university to be more cost-efficient, says Coreen Petti, director of corpo- rate relations and strategic partnerships. "There are a lot of people who travel on behalf of the uni- versity, and it is much smarter financially to coordinate all that activity through a single vendor to take advantage of a group rate," she says. "It also is easier for the people who do the traveling to be able to call one phone number to make all the arrangements. Anyone who travels on university busi- ness should find the agreement makes things much eas ier." Since all reservations must be made through a dedicated agency, Universal Travel, USO travelers could realize other benefits. "They can be much more flexible regarding advance pur- chase requirements, substitutions and overnight stays than if a person booked a trip individually," she says. Artist Creates Institutional Memories Leslie Benenson sits in a low folding chair before an easel near the fountain in the Jenny Craig Pavilion courtyard. In her left hand she clutches a rainbow of pencils. Her right h and works nim- bly, selecting from the bundle first this pastel co lor then that. Her eyes focus alternate ly on the eme rging image of the I. Brent Eagan Memorial Plaza on her drawing board and the real thing in the distance. so rapidly one has to move fast to capture it."

The American A irlines agreement is one of several part- nerships that benefit the campus community. A soon-to-be finalized agreement with Cloud 9 Shuttle will offer all USO emp loyees and students a discount on transportation serv ices that, unlike the American deal, applies to personal and busi- ness travel. "If a USO emp loyee is going on vacation and wants to arrange a ride to the airport, all that person will need to do is show USO identification to rece ive a discount," says Petti, adding that her office is constantly looking for new ways to benefit the university, its emp loyees and students. "Working with local companies to improve educational opportunities is a fact of life for universities these days," she says. "We created a corporate affil iation program, BusinessLink USO, to raise awareness of the top-level acade- mic work that goes on here in the San Diego business com- munity. That's important for our students, our faculty and everyone else who works here." If you have questions about USD's corporate partnerships, call 260-4690.

Introduced to the campus by her old friend, former law Professor Nathaniel Nath- anson, Benenson has been capturing images at USO since the early '90s. Her first drawing, of what is now the Legal Research Center, so impressed former President Author E. Hughes that he commissioned her to do Leslie Benenson drew this view of Serra Hall in 199 5. more.

Benenson, a renowned British artist and sculptor, says her drawings take no more than four hours to complete. "I h ave to work quickly," she says, the accen t of her native London ev i- dent in every syllable . "I think if one takes too much time on art they're not concentrating properly. Light changes

envelopes avai lab le to alumni, parents and friends of USO to mark the cele- brations, memorials and passages in their lives. Available at no cost, people using the cards are encouraged to make (Continued on page two)

Benenson's works of various campus scenes are reproduced onto the note cards that comprise th e univ ersity's Remembrance package - a collection of cards, stationery envelopes and gift

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