To all my fellow graduates,

As I embark on my on my first month as the new Executive Director, it is my pleasure to provide you with the 2017 annual report. This report highlights the activities and achievements of the FBI National Academy Associates. It also highlights progress and transition. 2017 was a year that brought stability to the FBI National Academy Associates as well as allowing for changing days toward the New Year. Executive Director, Steve Tidwell announced that he would be leaving the organization at the end of the year to enjoy his retirement. The Executive board put together a plan to provide a national search for the next Executive Director. Our President Joey Reynolds passes the torch to President Scott Dumas in July at our National Training Conference in Washington D.C., which was the Association’s first time with a conference in our US Capital City. This past year we have seen significant growth and active involvement of our members as we became a stronger voice in the law enforcement profession. We have seen a rededication to our mission by hiring a dedicated person to lead our training and education initiatives. Through a grant from The Motorola Foundation , our Officer Safety and Wellness Committee continues to add more resources with the Comprehensive Officer Resilience Train-the-Trainer Programs and we continue to bridge the gap within our communities with our first Community Engagement Legacy Gift Award presented during the 2017 Annual Conference.

The year 2017 saw a great many things evolve from our Association and for the National Academy. Some highlights for the National Academy include, on June 7, Captain Amy Schreiner crossed the stage and became the 50,000th graduate of the National Academy during the ceremonies for the 268th session; A D-block of instruction was created giving credit for enrichment night training that addresses the ever changing contemporary issues in law enforcement; and on December 15, for the first time in 46 years, the President of the United States came and addressed a graduating class, with the 270th session. Some highlights for our Association include; our goal of 17,000 members by year’s end was accomplished, with the New England Chapter getting credit for signing up the 17,000th member. TheWashington DC Chapter, with the assistance of the Virginia and Maryland/Delaware chapters hosted the largest delegate attended conference in our history with over 1,300 delegates in attendance. This trend looks to continue. As an Association we have moved towards a laser focus on our Mission of Impacting Communities by Providing and Promoting Law Enforcement Leadership through Training and Networking. We have strengthened partnerships with our sister organizations, most recently signing on with IACP , which was awarded a 7.2 million dollar CRI-TA (Collaborative Reform Initiative Technical Assistance) grant to provide subject matter experts in areas most in need of development. With each graduating class our Vision of Continuous Development of theWorld’s Strongest Law Enforcement Leadership Network is realized. In 2017, discussions took place in Senegal, Africa on Islamic radicalization, how it metamorphoses with individuals regardless of the nation you are from or your socio-economic status. A couple of months later we had discussions in Bristol, England on International Policing, Being BetterTogether. The world is a small place and we need to work closely together to meet the evolving challenges we face, but our reach is vast and we have the resources to do so. Lastly, I want to formally introduce you all to our new Executive Director, Howard Cook . Howard is a graduate of the 224th Session and is the first graduate to lead our Association. Howard leads a highly competent staff and will take you through their hard work of developing this year-end report. I want to thank you all for your support of our Association. You all have a voice, and this year end summary is a representation of that voice; where we have been, and where we are going. Be safe, be strong, be vigilant, and be proud!

HOWARD M. COOK | Executive Director NA Session #224

SCOTT A. DUMAS | Association President NA Session #226

These are just a few highlights. Please take a moment to look through all the significant work our members, chapters and the national office are doing together to strengthen this great Association and law enforcement profession.

I look forward to serving our members and directing this great Association towards a strong and sustainable future.


Howard M. Cook FBINAA Executive Director, 224th Session

Scott A. Dumas FBINAA President, 226th Session Chief of Police, Rowley, Massachusetts





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