Henry Schein Dental 2018 Comparison Line

Surgical Aspirators • All Stainless Steel Construction • Fits HVE cutt-off valve BUY 3 OF THE SAME, GET 1 AT NO CHARGE*

Disposable HVE Screens Use with high-volume aspirators to trap debris. • Disposable and cost-efficient • Adapts to plastic or metal high-volume aspirators • Helps prevent grasping of soft tissue and stops amalgam

Surgical Evacuation Tubes For micro-aspiration use white (1/8”) • Pre-bent to a 30° angle for greater access • AUTOCLAVABLE • 25 / bag • Length: 6 inches

1.5 mm 2.5mm 3.0mm 4.0mm

• Length: 6 inches • Tapered tip helps reduce clogging in the tube • Tissue relief slots preventgrabbing of soft tissue [801004]

OPENING (same as) PRICE 1.5mm 15P1A [107-3908-UTC] $36.49 2.5mm 15P2A [107-4072-UTC] 3.0mm 15P3A [107-1626-UTC] 4.0mm 16RSAA [107-6638-UTC]] $37.49 SKU

VENTED Non-Vented

SKU [403-0162-UTC]

PRICE $12.99



QTY 100 / Bag

SKU [107-5503-UTC]

PRICE $22.79

• Length: 6 inches • Large size tube for higher volume suctioning • Tapered tip helps prevent clogging

NEW! Elasti-Vac™ Tips Intended for endodontic evacuation, though not limited to. Save up to 24% • Narrow, flexible tip easily navigates curved canals. • Allows for quick and easy removal of moistu from endodontic canal systems • Luer lock hub re

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Made of 1/4" stainless steel

OPENING (same as) PRICE 1.5mm 46P1A [107-5049-UTC] $37.49 SKU

2.5mm 46P2A [107-3022-UTC] 3.0mm 46P3A [107-6866-ITC]

Air / Water Syringe Tips Quick-change • AUTOCLAVABLE • Durable, stainless steel construction

Easily attached to a luer HVE adapter







50 / cup




Compare A Ultradent®* Product Capillary Tips 50 / pk [3099]



5 / bag


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