Electricity + Control June 2015

The Only Power Factor Correction Equipment that can switch between Utility Power and Standby Generator Plant

I ncreases Useable power Allows separate target power factor Programming, dependent on generation Operational mode Potentially increases financial savings when multiple Standby Generator Systems are used in tandem Enables downsizing of new generator installations The Equalizer with specified Generator Option

Improves Productivity Improves Profitability Improves Power Quality Saves Energy Full Reactive Compensation in 20ms Harmonic Filtration Power Factor Correction Transient Free Compensation Reduces Volt Drops and Flickering

Increases Life Expectancy Extends Generation Capacity

Energy Efficiency Through Power Quality

Tel: 0861-357732 0861-ELSPEC email: sales@impactenergy.co.za

Stock also available directly from Voltex

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