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CLEAR LENSES are designed for indoor use, safeguarding your eyes from flying debris and offer versatile protection for a variety of applications.

Use our lens tint guide to discover the perfect lens col ours that can elevate your performance and comfort at work.

AMBER LENSES enhance contrast by filtering out part of the blue light and brighten your vision allowing you to see more clearly and work with greater accuracy. Perfect for indoor use in darker environments, as well as for outdoor use during twilight conditions, amber lenses are a must-have for any worker seeking to improve their performance in low-light settings.

LIGHT MIRROR LENSES are perfect for workers in logistics or on construction sites who frequently move between indoor and outdoor environments, reducing the need to squint, preventing eye fatigue and ensuring optimal vision.

SMOKE LENSES reduce light transmission to the eye, providing essential protection from bright light sources. Ideal for outdoor activities, smoke lens spectacles offer reliable and effective sun protection for any worker.

POLARISED LENSES eliminate dangerous glare and enhance your vision. They block out horizontally angled light waves, allowing only vertically angled light to enter the eyes. As a result, glare is reduced, visual acuity is improved, and colour contrast is enhanced. Perfect for a variety of work activities, po larised lenses are especially helpful for driving vehicles. However, it’s important to note that they should not be used at night or in situations that require clear lenses.


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