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Blocked up? Can't breathe? Discover Olbas. Originating in Switzerland over 100 years ago, Olbas Oil is a blend of six essential oils made from healing herbs. Essential oils are pure plant remedies - some of nature's secret weapons in maintaining wellness. The synergistic Olbas formula was carefully developed from these plants to provide extraordinary benefits:

Oil of Cloves A strong, stimulating aromatic that

Wintergreen Oil Has a warm, soothing effect when used in massage, and offers pleasant olfactory properties.

Peppermint Oil An aromatic stimulant that quickly enhances breathing passages.

contains natural, soothing eugenol

Juniper Oil Stimulates the metabolism and supports the immune system.

Cajeput Oil Very soothing to bronchial and sinus passages.

Eucalyptus Oil Promotes oxygen absorption and relaxes the respiratory muscles.


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Relieve Aches and Pains Cool Sore Throats Enhance Breathing Passages Calm Coughs There are 8 Olbas Remedies that provide effective and immediate relief




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