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Pusateri: USDwas close to his heart D r. C. Joseph Pusa- teri, the late dean of the College of Arts and Sciences who died unexpectedly on October 9, will be remembered for his loyalty to his faculty, his underlying sense of kind- ness and his devotion to his University, according to those who knew him best. Right up until the evening before he died, in fact - and even though he was hospi- talized - Dr. Pusateri was working on his USD budget. According to his col- leagues, that wasn' t un - usual. USD was never far from the dean's thoughts, whether he was on campus in his Founders Hall office or at his Clairemont home. "He strongly supported faculty projects,'' according to Dr. Carol Baker, "and the faculty really appreci- ated that. They knew they could go to him at any time with a request for funding and he would do all that he could to find some budget support." Dr. Baker, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, has been named acting dean of the college

for the remainder of the aca- demic year. "He also deserves a lot of credit for the new programs started under his direction," she adds . Among the majors added during Dr. Pusateri's 10-year tenure as dean were computer sci- ence, communication stud- ies and marine sciences, and master's programs in dramatic arts and practical theology. The late dean's underly- ing sense of kindness stands out in the eyes of Dr. Bart Thurber, English department chairman and associate professor of English. Dr. Thurber recalls a trip he made to Chicago with the dean several years ago for a conference. Then an assistant professor, Dr. Thurber remembers being somewhat intimidated by the prospect of traveling with his boss. When they arrived in Chi- cago, Dr. Thurber learned he would be sharing a room with Dr. Pusateri. That was okay in itself, but when they went to bed that evening Dr. Pusateri began snoring. Dr. Thurber, afraid to wake up his dean, spent a mostly sleepless night tossing and turning. "The next morning when I told him about his snoring, he laughed like a little boy,''

The Bookstore's bewitching trio of Ana Shafer, 'lumara Neeley and Joanna Bickman cast a spell to winfirst prize in the group division of the employee Halloween Costume Contest.

Open enrolbnent until Nov.IS The annual open enroll- ment period for health and dental insurance plans is drawing to a close.

If you wish to change your medical or dental plan, or if you want to add dependents to your coverage, you may do so until November 13. Just stop by the Human Resources Office, DeSales 127, to fill out the necessary papers. If you have questions about the procedures, rates for dependent coverage, or the plans themselves, call Lou Hassan, ext. 4594.

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Vol.4,No. 3

November 1987

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