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The United Kingdom, where a high degree of cooperation between the private and public sectors is a feature, has proceeded with the creation of the “Center for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)” platform, in which it has identified sectors that are security priority (NB). This platform does not exclusively deal with cyberattacks but also takes into account terrorism, espionage, etc. The platform facilitates direct contact between state authorities and private entities. Currently, the United Kingdom is taking steps to involve other companies in this form of cooperation, which are currently not considered part of the so-called critical infrastructure – in this way, the United Kingdom is trying to further expand the CPNI’s scope. In practice, this collaboration works on the basis of inspections and recommendations, where cyber security experts from CPNI visit identified companies to verify whether the necessary measures to protect key systems and data are actually being implemented. 16 This leads to a very centralized government control of key companies and firms that are perceived as strategic from the point of view of national security. In a similar way, the Czech Republic should continue to oversee the security of strategic companies and firms – with the responsibility for carrying out this control clearly defined. Another platform that the United Kingdom has put into practice is the so-called Cyber Security Hub. It again focuses mainly on key private entities (namely the sectors – defense, finance, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and energy), but in the field of cyber threats it also seeks 1) active exchange of information between the public and private sectors and 2) dissemination of best practices between entities and in other sectors – in particular, it seeks to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises from this platform. 17 Today, the Cyber Security Hub largely acts as a provider of information on cyber threats and potential solutions. It seeks to raise awareness of these threats by organizing numerous events focused on this issue or by writing reports and creating podcasts. 18 By building a similar network in the Czech language, which should aim to raise awareness of this issue, provide information and recommendations to Czech companies and individuals, the Czech Republic’s further resilience to cyber threats would be further strengthened. An interesting recommendation came from the American think-tank American Enterprise Institute, which proposed a platform between the public and private sectors that would monitor cyber threats in near real time. Each sector would provide the other with immediate information about ongoing cyberattacks. Such an exchange should increase the ability of the state and private entities to better respond to potential cyber threats. 19 It is worth mentioning that similar platforms (see The German Marshall Fund of the United States – 16 The UK Cyber Security Strategy Protecting and promoting the UK in a digital world. 17 Ibid. 18 Cyber Security Hub, https://www.cshub.com/. 19 Tews Shane, Improving cybersecurity through cooperation, not regulation, American Enterprise

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