The Accessory Dream Guide

Tamihi: Chilliwack, BC

Pigeon Lake, AB

places that are new, or in places I’ve already been. Although I’ve got plans for an extended USA road trip in the works, it’s all dependent on when I end up between jobs next. My next ‘mini’ adventure will no doubt to be back into the moun- tains! I’d like to spend some con- siderable amount of time ‘off grid’ and exploring more of Canada and the USA.”

Canmore, AB

Year/Make/Model: 2012 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara Jeep Name: VagabondExpedition Owner: Ernie Johnson Instagram: @vagabondexpedition Facebook: vagabondexpedition

ence, they can guide you to the best locations that you can use to test your Jeep’s limits as well as your own personal limits. Experiment with different trails and routes as well - do you enjoy “rock crawling” more than “mudding” or vice versa? All those things will help you grow as an off-roader, as well as to ‘grow’ your Jeep.”

It sounds like Ernie’s name for his Jeep could just as easily apply to him. Go Vagabond Expedition! Like VagabondExpedition on Face- book to follow Ernie and his many outdoor adventures through-out Alberta.

Limestone Mountain, AB

Nordegg, AB

Ernie has quite a few plans for the future, both large and small: “I’m always planning mini adventures throughout Alberta, exploring in

Brazeau Spillway, AB


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