Chromalox Big Red Book

Components Overview2
Application Guidelines3
Selection Guidelines4
Tubular Heaters5
Application Guidelines5
Specification Data152
Dual-End Terminal20
TEH - Tubular Enclosure and Switchgear Heaters14
TRI - .475" Dia.17
TRID & TRIW - .425 " Dia.18
TRI - .430" Dia.19
TRI - .375" Dia.20
TRI - .315" Dia.21
TRI - .260" Dia.23
TRI - .246" Dia.24
TSSM - .200" Dia. Round25
TRSS - .475" Dia. Round26
TRSSH & TRSSN - .475" Dia. Round27
TRS & TRSCD - .475" Dia. Round28
TRSC - .475" Dia. Round29
TRS - .315" Dia. Round31
TRC & TRCC - .475" Dia. Round32
TRCC - .475" Dia. Round33
TRC .315" Dia. Round34
Tubular - Heart Cross-Section35
Specification Data152
TI - 1/2" Dia.35
TI - 3/8" Dia.37
RTU - 3/8" Dia39
UTU - 3/8" Dia.41
UTU-LT - 3/8" Dia.44
UTUA-LT - .430" Dia,45
URPT - 3/8" Dia.46
LMS - 3/8" Dia.47
TS - 1/2" DIa.48
TS - 3/8" Dia.49
Tubular - Flat Cross-Section51
Specification Data152
ATS & ATU 3/8" & 7/16" Dia.51
Single-End Terminal52
STRI - .475" Dia52
STRI - .315" Dia.53
STRS - .475" Dia.54
STRS - .315" Dia.55
STRC - .475" Dia.56
STRC - .315" Dia.57
Other Heaters58
FSRM High Temp. Hopper Heater58
MTH Mini-Tubular60
Stip & Ring Heaters61
Specification Data Sheet Strip Heaters153
OT - 1-1/2" Wide Two Offset Terminals, One End67
S & SE - 1-1/2" Wide68
ST & PT - 1-1/2" Wide69
TH & STTH - 1-1/2" Wide70
SN & WS 3/4" & 2-1/2" Wide71
SNH & NH 1" Wide72
NS & NSL 3/4" Wide73
NSA & SSNHM 1/2" & 1-1/8" Wide74
SSE & SSEM - 1-11/16" Wide, Two Terminals, One End75
AEPS Explosion Proof76
A - Single & Three Heat Ring77
HSN, HSW, & RHSW - Half & Full Sheath Ring78
HSP - Half & Full Sheath Disc79
MIS - Mighty-Tuff80
MSH - Mica Strip82
DB 1-1/2" One-Piece Band84
DBW 2-1/2" One-Piece Band85
HB 1-1/2" Two-Piece Band86
Band Heaters87
Mica Band Heaters Overview87
Specification Data Band and Nozzle Heaters155
Specification Data Mica Band and Nozzle156
Specification Data Ceramic Band157
MB-1 One-Piece Mica91
MB-2 Two-Piece Mica94
CB Ceramic Band Heaters95
AFH Aluma-Flex Band Heaters101
Cartridge Heaters115
Application Guidelines115
Selection Guidelines116
Application & Installation Recommendations117
Modifications & Options118
Thermocouple Leadwire120
Specification Data Cartridge Heaters158
CIR 1/8" to 1-1/4" Cartridge121
CIRM 6mm to 20mm Cartridge121
C-DD Deep Draw Cartridge128
C-HD Heavy Duty Cartridge129
CTRH Heavy Duty Cartridge135
Insertion Heaters130
MaxiZone High Temperature130
SST & QST Split Sheath Insertion132
SCB Edison Screw Base Space134
CBH Electric Stud136
Flexible Heater Products137
Technical & Application Data138
Selection Guidelines140
Specification Data Silicone Laminated Heaters159
SL Silicone Rubber Insulated141
SL-N Silicone Rubber Insulated142
SL-B Silicone Rubber Insulated143
Ordering Guidelines144
Kapton Heaters145
SLTH Tank Heater146
SLDH Silicone Rubber Drum148
PHD & PHDT Heavy Duty Fiberglass150
IBG Flexible Drum Insulation151
Specification Data Sheets152
B-Immersion Heaters161
Screw Plug Immersion Heaters161
Selection Guidelines163
Application Element Guidelines164
Technical & Application Data165
Optional Features166
Specification Data Sheet308
Clean Water167
ARTM Clean Water167
MT Clean Water168
ARMT-1 Clean Water169
MT-1 Clean Water170
ARMT-2 Clean Water171
MT-2 Clean Water173
EMT-3 Clean Water175
CH-SD Clean Water176
ARMT-3 Clean Water177
MT-3 Clean Water181
VTS - VersaTHERM Clean Water243
Process Water182
Solution Water198
Mildly Corrosive Solutions206
Severely Corrosive Solutions210
Light Weight Oil214
VTS - VersaTherm Oil Applications243
Medium Weight Oil227
VTS - VersaTHERM Oil Applications243
Heavy Weight Oil233
VTS - VersaTHERM Oil Applications243
Small Tank Applications236
Dishwasher Applications241
Pipe Insert Applications242
VTS VersaTHERM Screw Plug243
Flanged Immersion Heaters244
Application & Selection Guidelines246
Technical & Application Data248
Terminal Enclosures250
Process Temperature & Overtemperature Controls252
Specification Data Sheet309
TM Clean Water254
TMS Process Water256
TMI Solution Water258
TMS Mildly Corrosive260
TMI Corrosive Solution262
TMIS Severely Corrosive Solution264
TMIS DI Water265
TMO Light Weight Oil266
TMO Medium Weight Oil268
TMO-3 Medium Weight Oil269
TMO Heavy Weight Oil270
TTSF Boiler & Water Applications271
WCSF Boiler Replacement Elements271
TTUH Food Equipment Water272
TTUH-CO Food Equipment Water273
Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters274
Application & Selection Guidelines275
Terminal Enclosure Dimensions305
Optional Accessories307
L-Shaped Metal Sheath Heaters276
TLC L-Shaped Metal Seath277
KTLC L-Shaped Metal Seath277
TLO L-Shaped Metal Seath278
KTLO L-Shaped Metal Seath278
TLS L-Shaped Metal Sheath279
KTLS L-Shaped Metal Sheath279
TLI L-Shaped Metal Sheath280
KTLI L-Shaped Metal Sheath280
GS Side Mount Metal Tube281
GT Side Mount Metal Tube281
GS3 Side Mount Metal Tube282
GT3 Side Mount Metal Tube282
GSL L-Shaped Metal Tube283
GTL L-Shaped Metal Tube283
GSL3 L-Shaped Metal Tube284
GTL3 L-Shaped Metal Tube284
GSV2 L-Shaped Vertical Stacked285
GTV3 L-Shaped Vertical Stacked285
QM Side Mount Quartz Tube286
QM3 Side Mount Quartz Tube286
PTH Side Mount Metal Sheath287
PTHT Side Mount Metal Sheath287
PTHF Side Mount Metal Thin Blade288
CT Side Mount Metal Sheath289
TPR Side Mount Flouropolymer290
TPF Side Mount Flouropolymer290
GTF Flouropolymer Covered291
GTFL Flouropolymer Covered291
GXF Flouropolymer Covered292
GXFL Flouropolymer Covered292
GTF6 Side Mount Flouropolymer Covered294
GTF9 Side Mount Flouropolymer Covered294
GTFL3 L-Shaped Flouropolymer Covered295
KBLC Drum Heaters296
KBLS Drum Heaters296
TBL Salt Bath Heaters297
TBL-A Salt Bath Heaters297
BLCK-MH Deep Tank Blade298
BLCS Deep Tank Blade298
CH-OTS Portable Tank299
CIT Soft Metal Melting300
GRT Side Mount Heat/Cooling301
US and UT Site Mount Heat/Cooling303
GHTF Fluoropolymer Heat/Cooling304
C-Circulation Heaters311
Selection Guidelines312
Terminal Enclosures315
Mechanical & Electronic Control Options318
NWH Series320
NWH Clean Water Applications321
NWHJR Booster Heater - Water323
NWHSRG VersaTHERM Clean Water/Oil324
CVCHS Booster Heater - Corrosive Solutions326
NWHO Series - Light, Medium & Heavy Weight Oil327
NWHO Light/Medium Oil328
NWHOB Light/Medium Oil328
NWHOR Medium/Heavy Oil331
NWHORB Medium/Heavy Oil331
GCHI Series - Steam/Air/Gas Applications334
GCHI Steam/Air/Gas to 750F335
GCHIB Steam/Air/Gas to 750F335
NWHIS Pure Water/Mildly Corrosive339
NWHOIS Corrosive Oil & Solutions340
GCHIS, GCHISB & GCHISR High Temperature341
GCHIS High Temperature to 1200F342
GCHISB High Temperature to 1200F342
GCHCIS Small Capacity/Low Flow Gas343
CCX High Pressure344
Circulation Heater Systems347
Pre-Engineered Packaged Units347
ASME & Custom Engineered Units348
ASME & Custom Engineering Specification349
Custom Engineering & Manufacturing352
D-Packaged Systems353
Heat Transfer Systems354
Application & Selection Guidelines354
Application Data355
Water Systems356
Technical & Application Data356
MicroTHERM CMX Water357
MWS Water & Water/Glycol358
MWSS Water & Water/Glycol361
CWG Hot Water Heat Transfer364
Oil Systems365
Technical & Application Data365
MOS Hot Oil367
COS-B Hot Oil370
PFC-B Hot Oil372
CLS-A Hot Oil374
System Options376
Expansion Tanks376
Cooling Modules Float & Level Switches377
Impedance Heating378
Heating System378
Specification Data Sheet379
CHTV Heat Transfer Fluid Vaporizer380
Large Tank Heaters - Application & Equipment Selection381
OCE Open Coil Elements383
STFX Small Tank Flange385
LTFX Large Tank Flange389
FXTH Flexible Tank Immersion393
RSTO Unitary Electric Immersion394
Ordering Guidelines - Large Tank Heaters395
Steam Boilers396
Selection Guidelines397
Optional Equipment412
Custom Engineering & Manufacturing415
CMB Compact Steam Boiler399
CAS Special Process & OEM400
CES-B Vertical Steam Boiler401
CSSB-A Stainless Steel Vertical Steam Boiler403
CHS High Capacity Horizontal405
CHPES-A Medium Pressure Vertical407
MVSGI High-Capacity Steam Generator409
HACS Air Temperature Control Heating System416
EDU Load Bank Energy Dissipation Units418
EDP Portable Load Bank Dissipation Units420
E-Process Air and Radiant422
Specification Data Sheet437
FT Series Fintube Air Heaters423
FTS .475" Dia. Fintube424
FTI .475" Dia. Fintube424
FTS .315" Dia. Fintube425
FTI .315" Dia. Fintube425
SFTS .475" Dia. Single End Fintube426
SFTI .475" Dia. Single End Fintube426
SFTS .315" Dia Single End Fintube428
SFTI .315" Dia Single End Fintube428
OTF Finstrip Air Heater430
KSEF Preformed Finstrip Duct432
ADH & ADHT High Temp Air Duct Heaters433
ADH High Temp Air Duct Heater435
ADHT High Temp Air Duct Heater436
CAB & CABB Low Temp Air Duct Heaters438
CAB Low Temp Air Duct438
CABB Low Temp Air Duct438
DAB Round Low Temp Air Duct440
Process Technologies - Process Air Heating442
Process Radiant Heaters444
Technical & Application Data445
Selection Guidelines446
RAD Series Radiant Heaters447
RAD Single Element Radiant448
RADD Double Element Radiant450
S-RAD Single Element Radiant452
RAD-H Hermetically Sealed Single Element454
U-RAD Single Hairpin Element455
U-RAD Double Hairpin Element457
RUTU Single Hairpin Element459
U-RAD-LT Single Element Liquid Tight460
U-RAD-LT Double Element Liquid Tight461
DU-RAD Single Element, Double Hairpin463
DU-RAD Three Element Radiant464
Process Radiant Heaters Accessories468
CP Series Wide Area Radiant469
CP Wide Area Radiant469
CPHI High Intensity Quartz471
F-Industrial Air Heaters474
Comfort and Freeze Protection475
Application Guidelines475
Selection Guidelines476
Explosion Proof477
CXH-A for Hazardous Locations477
CVEP Convection Heater484
Blower Heaters490
HD3D Hose Down Corrosion Resistant490
7150 Pump House Convection493
LUH Horizontal494
HVH Horizontal or Vertical Unit498
UB High Capacity Horizontal504
SDRA Portable High Temp512
DRA Portable Spot Salamander515
HF Portable Blower517
DH Open Coil & Fintubular Air Duct518
Convection/Comfort Heaters510
EH Industrial Convection510
HVT Industrial Convection510
H Horizontal Convection511
V Vertical Convection512
HCH Wall Mounted Convection Heater513
ChromaStar Infra-Red Radiant Heaters522
UTUA-LT .430" Dia. Round527
HCH Wall Mounted Convection Heater528
Transportation Heaters Application Guide531
G-Heating Cable - Heat Tracing532
Heat Tracing Products532
Industrial & Commercial Grade Cables & Controls534
Application & Selection Guidelines536
SRL - Self-Regulating Low Temperature541
SRP - Self-Regulating Process Temperatures544
SRM/E - Self-Regulating Medium Temperature547
SLL - Series Long Line Cable550
CWM - Constant Wattage Medium Temperature553
MI - Mineral Insulated High Temperature556
HSRL - Self-Regulating Low Temperature562
HSRM - Self-Regulating Medium Temperature565
SRF - Self-Regulating Freeze Protection568
HWM - Hot Water Maintenance Heat Trace Cable571
SRF-RG - Self-Regulating Roof & Gutter574
Edge-Cutter - Roof De-Icing System576
Snow Melt Mats578
APS-4C - Automatic Snow/Ice Melting System580
APS-3C - Automatic Snow/Ice Melting System583
SC-40C - Satellite Contactor586
PD Pro - Snow Switch589
GF Pro - Snow Switch592
LCD-8 - Configurable Aerial Snow Melting Controller595
CIT-1 - Snow Sensor597
GIT-1 - Gutter Ice Sensor598
SIT-6E - Pavement Sensor599
RCU - Remote Control Unit600
Commercial Controls670
ChromaMelt Snow Melting Controller670
ChromaMelt-2R Snow Sensor and Controller670
Chroma-RG-OD Commercial De-icing Controller603
MBC Multiple BACnet Converter Module607
ProtoAir IIoT Product Gateway608
APS-3C Automatic Snow and Ice Melting System Controller611
APS-4C Automatic Snow and Ice Melting System Controller614
CIT-1 Snow Sensor617
Snow Owl Snow Sensor618
GF PRO Snow Switch619
GIT-1 Gutter Ice Sensor622
LCD-8 Snow Melting Controller623
PD PRO Snow Switch625
SC-40C Satellite Contactor628
SIT-6E Pavement Snow and Ice Sensor631
CTS Series Commercial Electronic Thermostat632
CTC IntelliTrace Commercial Controller634
ITC-FS IntelliTrace Digital Controller637
CIP Commercial IntelliTrace Panel640
RSP IntelliTrace Remote Sensor Panel646
WTP-WTPM WeatherTrace Freeze Protection Panel649
RTAS and RTBC Integrated Temperature Controls655
TPR Heat Trace Freeze Protection Thermostat658
AS-BM Ambient Sensing Heat Trace RTD660
CS-AS Outdoor Snow Sensor661
CS-GS Outdoor Gutter Snow Sensor662
CS-PS Outdoor Pavement Snow Sensor663
LA-03-10-50 Ambient Sensing Heat Trace RTD664
LN-03-10-50 Line Sensing Heat Trace RTD665
PS-AH Heat Trace or Pipe Sensor666
IntelliTrace Wireless Temperature Sensing Solutions667
U-Series Heat Trace Connection Kits/Accessories670
DL & EL Series679
Connection Accessories679
DL - Integrated Connection Accessories680
EL - Standard Connection Accessories684
DL & EL General Application Accessories686
DL Commercial Connection Accessories687
EL Commercial Standard Connection Accessories691
HL - Hazardous Location Connection Kits693
THR, THL, TXR, & TXL Heat Trace/Freeze Thermostats697
B100 & E100 - Heat Trace/Freeze Thermostats699
CTS Series Commercial Heat Trace Electronic Thermostat701
RBF - Heat Trace or Pipe Sensor703
RBF-HT - RTD Heat Trace Sensors704
GIC-AMB - Ambient Heat Trace Sensor705
2200 Series - Pre-Insulated Tubing706
2210 Series - Pre-Insulatied Tubing708
2256 LTM / 2266 LTM - Low Temperature SR Tubing710
2256 HTM / 2266 HTM - High Temperature SR Tubing712
2252 CPD / 2262 CPD - Constant Wattage Tubing714
2211-2213 - Single/Multiple Process Tube for HT Applications716
Tubing Bundle - Accessories718
UTM - Universal Tank Mounting Bracket722
DL - Integrated Temperature Controls723
Heat Trace Control & Panel Selection Guide726
DTS Series - Heat Trace Digital Thermostat728
ITC1 & ITC2 - Digital HT Controller 1 & 2 Circuit730
ITAS - Ambient Sensing733
ITAS Base Panel733
Ordering Information736
ITAS-EXT Extender Panel733
Ordering Information736
ITLS - Line Sensing733
ITLS Base Panel733
Ordering Information737
ITLS-EXT Extender Panel733
Ordering Information737
ITASC1D2 - Ambient Sensing739
ITASC1D2 - Base Panel739
ITASC1D2-EXT - Extender Panel739
ITLSC1D2 - Line Sensing739
ITLSC1D2 - Base Panel739
ITLSC1D2-EXT - Extender Panel739
Wireless Temperature Sensing Solutions745
RSP - Remote Sensor Panel748
ITC-FS Commercial Digital Heat Trace Controller 1 and 2 Circuit751
WeatherTrace - Freeze Protection HT Panels754
SEHS - Skin Effect Heating System758
Impedance Heating System759
Spacification Data Sheet760
Temperature & Process Controller Selection Guide764
4081 & 4082 - Advanced Controller 1 & 2 Loop767
4080 - Advanced Temperature & Process Controller774
6060 1/16 DIN Temperature & Process Controller775
6040/8040/4040 Temperature & Process Controllers781
6020 & 8020 Temperature & Process Controllers784
2110 1/4 DIN Temperature Controller785
3204 1/32 DIN Temperature Controller790
ETR-3400 1/32 DIN Temperature Controller with Smart Logic793
300 - 300D & 300B Temperature Controllers796
1040 DIN Rail Multiple Loop Temperature & Process Controller797
3300 Series Multiloop Controller801
CX224 - 12-Channel Temperature Monitor805
6050 & 4050 DIN Limit Controllers807
LIMIT Controller - Temperature Limit Control810
ChromaSoft SpecView Plus811
1/4 DIN Accessories - Mounting Brackets813
1/8 & 1/16 DIN Mounting Adapter Kits814
ENC Series - ENC 4 Intrument Enclosures815
ENC Series - ENC 7 Instrument Enclosures816
Splash Guard Instrument Enclosure817
Super Splash Guard Instrument Cover (0076-12034)817
SCR Selection Guide818
CTF - Advanced Single Phase SCR Power Controller820
CTF-Xtra - Advanced Single Phase SCR Power Controller823
CFW - Advanced Modular SCR Power Controller826
MiniMax 1 - Single Phase SCR Power Pak833
MiniMax 2 - Three Phase, 2-Leg SCR Power Pak835
MiniMax 3 - Three Phase, 3-Leg Power Pax837
MiniMax 1P - Single Phase SCR Power Pak839
MaxPac I - Single Phase SCR PowerPak841
MaxPac II - Three Phase, 2-Leg SCR Power Pak844
MaxPac III - Three Phase, 3-Leg Power Pak847
MaxPac IP - Single Phase SCR Power Pak850
C4 - Advanced Multi-Loop SCR Power Controller853
C4-IR - Advanced Multi-Loop SCR Power Controller857
CS Series - Power Controllers CS1 & CS3861
SSR Series - Power Controllers SSR, SSR1, SSR1P, SSR2, SSR3, SSR3P865
Vari-Watt - Power Controller869
LM-2 - Solid State Relay Driver for SSR Series870
Max VI - Multi-Zone Power Controller871
ProtoAir IIoT Product Gateway C2i873
Panel Selection Guide876
4130 Series - MaxPac SCR Power Controllers in an Enclosure879
4214 & 4224 - Mini SCR Control Panels881
4168 & 4268 - Mini-SCR Power Control Panel883
4530 Series - SCR Temperature/Power Control Panels886
4230 Series - SCR Control Panels890
4232 - 3-Phase, 2 Leg891
4233 - 3-Phase, 3 Leg892
4235 - Ordering Information893
4236 - Ordering Information894
IntelliPanel - 3-Phase SCR Power Control Panel895
HCP - Percentage Timing Input Controllers899
4464/4466/4468 - Contactor Panels900
4463 - Multi-zone Control/Contactor Panel902
4430 Series - Contactor Panels903
4477 - Explosion Proof Mini Contactor Control Panel906
Panel section Guide907
DTS Series - Heat Trace Digital Thermostat909
ITC1 & ITC2 - Digital HT Controller911
ITAS - Ambient Sensing914
ITAS Base Panel917
ITAS-EXT Extender Panel918
ITLS - Line Sensing914
ITLS Base Panel920
ITLS-EXT Extender Panel921
ITASC1D2 - Ambient Sensing923
ITASC1D2 Base Panel926
ITASC1D2-EXT Extender Panel927
ITLSC1D2 - Line Sensing923
ITLSC1D2 Base Panel928
ITLSC1D2-EXT Extender Panel929
Wireless Temperature Sensing Solutions931
RSP Remote Sensor Panel934
CIP Base Panel - CIP-EXT Extension Panel937
WeatherTrace - Freeze Protection Heat Trace Panels943
Power Control Centerâ„¢953
NEMA Enclosure Descriptions955
Power Control Panel Options956
Specification Data Sheet - Power Control Panels959
Bulb & Capillary Selection Guide960
AR & ARR - Non-Indicating Temperature Controllers961
AR-LT & AR-EP - Non-Indicating Temperature Controllers962
ARC - Non-Indicating Thermal Cutout964
Protective Wells & Compression Fittings965
BCT - Indicating Temperature Controller966
GNIT - Non-Indicating Thermostat968
PIT - Non-Indicating Temperature Controllers969
B100 & E100 - Heat Trace/Freeze Protection Thermostats971
17000 & 18000 - Cartridge and Immersion Temperature Controllers973
30000 - Surface Mount Temperature Controller975
SBKT - Control Panel Thermostat976
CH - Infinite Control Mechanism977
WR - Wall Mounted Room Thermostats978
EPETD-8D - Explosion Proof Room Thermostat979
WCRT - Corrosion Resistant Wall Mounted Industrial Room Thermostat980
WT - Wall Mounted Residential & Commercial Room Thermostat981
HGR - Magnetic Contactors982
CONT - Definite Purpose Magnetic Contactor983
WC & WCS Screwplug Liquid Level Control985
MGO Thermocouples986
Plastics Industry Thermocouples991
Adjustable Depth Sensors993
Ring Type Thermocouples995
Nozzle Type Thermocouples997
Surface Plate Thermocouples999
PR - RTD Probes with Connection Head1001
Compression Fittings1003
Build-Up Thermowells1003
260S/260L - Thermowell for General Use1004
RBF - Heat Trace or Pipe Sensor1005
RBF-HT - RTD Heat Trace Sensors1006
GIC-AMB - Ambient Heat Trace Sensor1007
Thermocouple - Sensors-Special Purpose1008
BT 7 CF PROBES - Bayonet & Compression RTDs1009
XCIB - High-Temp. Overbraided Thermocouples1010
Thermocouple Wire1011
RTD - Extension Wire1011
Accessories: Connectors, Fittings, and Adapters1012
SA1 - Precision Insulated Thermocouples1013
SRTD - Surface Mount RTD Series1014
RTD 800 - Precision RTD Probes1014
CONNECTORS - Standard & Subminiature Thermocouple and RTD1015
I-Technical Overview1017
Technical Overview - Table of Contents1018
Heat Loss Calculations & Heater Selection1018
Electrical Wiring Theory1018
Reference Data1019
Tables & Charts1020
Thermal Systems Glossary1020
Technical Information1021
Determining Heat Energy Requirements1022
Heating Liquids1024
Heat Loss Factors & Graphs1026
Watt Density & Heater Selection - Guidelines1029
Heater Selection - Oil Heating1031
Air & Gas Heating1032
Determining Energy Requirements1032
Air Heating1033
Steam Heating1039
Steam Superheating1040
Properties of Steam1041
Heating Solids - Platens, Dies, & Molds1042
Heat Exchangers1043
Radient Infrared Heating1044
Theory & Principles1044
Source Evaluations1045
Process Applications1046
Comfort Heating1051
Electrical Fundamentals1052
Three Phase Calcuations1052
Wiring Practices for Electrical Heaters1054
NEMA Enclosures & Chromalox Equivalents1071
NEMA Enclosures & Hazardous Location Heaters1072
Hazardous Locations & Electric Heater Applications1073
Control Systems Selection Guidelines1075
Reference Data1056
Pressure-Temperature Ratings of Common Materials1056
Physical & Thermodynamic Properties1057
Common Liquids1057
Common Gases1059
Common Solids1060
Equivalents & Conversions1062
Engineering Constants & Conversions1063
Corrosion Guide - Immersion Heaters1064
Thermal System Glossary1084
General Information1095
Trademark Registration Acknowledgements1095
Heating Products Index1096
A, B, C, D1096
E, F, H, I, L, M, N, O1097
P, Q, R, S1098
T, U, V, W1099
Control Products Index1100
A, B, C, D, E, F, H, I, J, K1100
L, M, N, O, P, R, S1101
T, W1102
Model Number Index1103
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I1103
K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U1104
V, X, W1105
Chromalox Sales and Application Engineering Offices1115
Back Cover1120

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