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Description Type PHD Heavy-Duty Fiberglas ® Woven Drum Heaters are constructed of Fiberglas ® insulated resistance wire woven into a mesh blanket and then encased in layers of silicone rubber. Because of their construction, the Woven Drum Heaters are much stronger and more durable than the standard silicone. Rubber Drum Heaters and recommended for harsh working environments. All versions use a spring clasp to provide a snug fit around the drums. PHD & PHDT Heavy Duty Fiberglas ® Woven Drum Heaters • 5, 15, 30 and 55 Gallon Metal Drums • 4" Width • Operating Temperatures up to 450°F • Adjustable Thermostat, 50 - 425°F Optional • 120 or 240 Volt, Single Phase • 300 - 1,200 Watts • Moisture Resistant • Grounded heating element for Safe Operation

Applications • Freeze Protection • Melting of Low Melting Point Solids such as Paraffin, Resins and Chocolate • Viscosity Control of Fluids such as Paint, Syrups and Honey • Maintenance of Materials for Roofing, Chimney and Vent Pipe Work Installation The Woven Drum Heaters raise/maintain the temperature of the contents of the drum by convection. Heating will occur from the point where the heater is installed to the top of the drum. If the entire drum is to be heated, the drum heater should be installed as near to the bottom of the drum as possible. If only part of the material is to be heated, the drum heater should be installed around the center or top section of the drum. This will provide a faster heat-up and save energy. However, care must be given to ensure that the material level in the drum never falls below the location of the heater.

Features • Low watt density electrical resistance heat. • All 120V units come with a 6 foot power cord and three prong plug. (No plug is included with 240V heaters.) • An optional built-in adjustable thermostat, 50 - 425°F, is available as a stock option. • All models come with springs for attachment to your drum. • Complete, ready to install and use as re- ceived. • All models feature a grounded heating ele- ment for electrical protection. • Girth extension straps are available from stock to use the heaters on non-standard size drums. They can be used to adapt stock heaters to larger drums or other cylindrical containers similar in size. They will permit extending the length of the heater to fit sizes 1/2 - 10" larger in circumference. One step is required per woven drum heater.

Girth Extension Straps

Specifications and Ordering Information



PHDT (50 - 425°F Adjustable Thermostat)



Volts Watts


PCN Stock


PCN Stock

120 1200 PHD-55-1-12 240 1200 PHD-55-2-12 120 1000 PHD-30-1-10 240 1000 PHD-30-2-10 120 700 PHD-15-1-7 240 700 PHD-15-2-7 120 550 PHD-5-1-5 240 550 PHD-5-2-5

123027 S PHDT-55-1-12 123035 S PHDT-55-2-12 122980 S PHDT-30-1-10 122999 S PHDT-30-2-10 122964 S PHDT-15-1-7 122972 S PHDT-15-2-7 123000 S PHDT-5-1-5 123019 S PHDT-5-2-5

123107 S 123115 S 123060 S 123078 S 123043 S 123051 S 123086 S 123094 S

55 gallon Metal 55 gallon Metal 30 gallon Metal 30 gallon Metal 15 gallon Metal 15 gallon Metal 5 gallon Metal 5 gallon Metal

PDES-10 Girth Extension Strap 290132 S PDES-10 Girth Extension Strap 290132 S

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