TE16 Turkish Delight

Ten Poems

Was it you who slowly unfurled your wings into us? In the ripeness of existence’s pinnacle surrounded by the unknown As we saw ourselves rising up in our depths We sought you for days months years on end On these paths we want to at once traverse Through libraries folded into trails, through museums of existence Through the relics of ancient cities we passed As the perception of the cosmos was woven like a cocoon Tumbling into its own cavern, pitch-black the void Of our lovelessnesses You embraced folding our shivering bodies And sanctified them with your soul! But why were you still alone in Café Müller? I drew on archeological maps of your lost cities dissipated with my wind the mists veiling the traditions Beyond your graves I opened the door to the earth, Looking at the skywards through a doorway: To that infinite silvery sparkling canyon To the layers of the mutability of existence Rippling and liquifying in leaden grey I touched, On the thin line between life and death, I passed by impersistent from this world In peace, still hoping… Leaving in my wake cities countries nations and people I passed by, My dances came to live in your homes, your streets, your lives In your schools, your ideals, your work Reminding you the atrophy of motionless idle mass 119

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