TE16 Turkish Delight

Ten Poems

I am having tea with Salvador Dali in Spain I have plenty of ideas to change the whole art history I ruin and reconstruct all art forms

Same as you, they call me crazy, Your walls , I call them, If they’re lowering as high as your loftiness Then of course, I’m a new surrealist

Sworn to demolish your barriers That bursting river on its banks!

With Martin Luther King I’m in the U.S We shall overcome! I too have a dream As remote as peace I listen to the poetry of the streets Gil Scott Heron, Nina Simone… I’m proud of being black: Hi James Brown! We shall overcome!

Inside the room of emptiness Love has no volume As if all will grow in number where I touch on your heart Yet slowly I’m dying, behold a heart! But still, the world is beautiful, Love is beautiful Please do come, sometimes, down to little abysses, I tumble


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