Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll

fills your blood with a maddening drone. Yet Rakel said nothing, of course, about the storms in men; she said, stormy weather is just wind in a hurry, there’s little to fear. Still, said Oddur, it would be nice to have you visit, and she went with him, without having meant to, without having dared to, something inside her made the decision and Gísli watched her leave with Oddur, saw how they walked side- by-side. Well, now I’ll lose her, he thought, she’ll leave the basement and then there’ll be nothing more between me and the devil, perhaps I should rent you the basement, he said to his walking stick, which was leaning against the wall by the door and naturally has no mouth, no eyes, no heart; it doesn’t matter if you give it a name, names don’t change death into life. But the three of them, Oddur, Rakel, Lúlli, eat apples and she smiles and Oddur’s heart takes many an extra beat, while out on the Lagoon, Saint Louise rolls horribly.



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