Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet


some sort of other drugs!” Mirsky says, and explains the mothers who use drugs can lose custody of their children. Mirsky had heard all these things from his lawyer dad. But as I said before, we just don’t care! Francisca loves Galileo and Rafa. You want proof? Here it is! She is always spending the weekends with them, and they never have to waste their time on all the clubs that our parents enroll us in, so they can get rid of us for a while, and all this under the pretense that by joining a club, we’re improving our IQs. Today is a holiday, thank God, and all the clubs are closed, as is the math academy I have to attend on Sundays. I have just one normal holiday, but for Galileo, that’s his life. So even if she were an addict three times over, and the father the opposite, a Superdad, we, or at least I, intend to avenge him, till Galileo is free. “I doubt she’s an addict,” Luca says, remembering something. “No, she’s definitely not an addict!” “How do you know?” we ask him. Really, where did he suddenly get such information? “If she was, she’d be fired from work!” “Where does she work?” Diana asks and you can tell how much she wants Galileo’s mother to remain perfect, as she had been before. At least in our eyes. “She works for a company that sells isometric


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