Trafika Europe 5 - Slovenian Interlude

Editor's welcome2
*Maja Haderlap: Angel of Oblivion (excerpt) & poems8
Angel of Oblivion (excerpt)11
Ljubljanica river of memory30
night woman32
*Aleš Šteger: Seven poems34
I've scattered my body37
Of all the healers39
The closer the deadline41
Here is just one of the entrances43
Above the red button it says45
Nothing remarkable48
With a cheek50
*Goran Vojnović: Yugoslavia, My Fatherland (excerpt)52
*Tone Škrjanec: ten poems98
Sunday is the Day When I don’t Make It to the Phone101
Little Suffering Sun102
A Night in the Night103
New Times104
rahat lokum106
a pile of past traces entering the present107
Buy a Soft Shirt109
pastorale: poem for an avenue of fallen trees110
Global Heart112
*Barbara Pogačnik: six poems114
Submerged Grape117
Pumpkins Lying in the Field118
Landscape with Jellyfish119
A Lamb at Night, a Lamb at Morn120
Rain Above the Olive Trees (excerpt)124
Indefinite Time of Life125
Gøhril Gabrielsen: The Looking-Glass Sisters (excerpt)128
Tomas Tranströmer: Bright Scythe (seven poems)154
Fire Scribbles157
The Nightingale in Bedelunda158
Nightbook Page159
The Light Streams In160
From the Island, 1860161
Aylin Graves: Seven Tales of Loss from Turkey164
1. Talking with Eternity167
2. The Water-Gazer171
3. The Death of a Miner174
4. The Day We Started to Burn176
5. Dr V178
6. The Crossover180
7. A Fair Wind, A Following Sea183
Gábor Schein: six poems186
To take a Russian leave189
The colour of pain191
In the trenches192
Come back193
Short of breath195
With Eyes Turned Inside Out197
Samira Kentrić: a note about the artwork202
*Goran Vojnović: Yugoslavia, My Fatherland (excerpt)55

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