TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Undinė Radzevičiūtė

Due to my dearth of beauty, I work for the radio. Evenings. I read the evening news. I translate from page to voice. No one here cares about my political or humanistic background. And I don’t tell anyone about it either. Did you see how two American skyscrapers were taken down? Everyone saw. I would like to see that with Arabic eyes. It’s what work requires: don’t worry, whatever happens – don’t worry. I don’t. No more I want this, I want that. Today, I come to work and they ask me: where were you? Up a chimney? Not a chimney, a beauty salon. Three hours amounting to fifty US dollars. Because I lack beauty, I collect every compliment that comes my way. This one time, I’m standing in a bar, leaning on an automatic one-armed bandit, staring at a locked door with a triangle on it. I’m looking not at the triangle, but at the circle above it. I’m trying to focus and calm myself down, but I’m not calm at all. If not for my looks, I would work in television.


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