TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake


Suddenly, a curly-headed barrel of a man with wet beard and unbuttoned pants tumbles out the door. He freezes. Why should he freeze? He freezes, and then tosses off a compliment: “You’re more beautiful than an automatic!!!” An M16? A Kalashnikov AK-47? A Tommy Gun, or an Uzi? An Uzi would be unforgivable. I’d shoot him. Once I went to a photographer. “I want to look very beautiful,” I say. “Maybe you want to look in the mirror?” He says, the cad.

For all that, my mother thinks I’m the most beautiful person in the world. She lives in another city and tortures me at distance by means of the telephone. She

calls and says, “I dreamed that you died.” That’s the second time this year already.

I don’t love her for her inheritance. Everyone who was supposed to leave me something has


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