TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Undinė Radzevičiūtė

fewest children are born in the Vatican: none. I would like to live there.

Today, the television is talking about a woman from Holland who gave birth without removing her pants. It’s good that the TV has many channels. It’s too bad that life has only one channel. Actually, I’ve heard there are people for whom things are better. One time, I heard of a person who lived in Vietnam: for one week he fought on the American side, another week on the Vietnamese side, and the third week he turned into a dragon and lay at the bottom a lake. On another channel, an actress, tired of acting and living, is talking about her beauty sleep. She says, I go to sleep by twelve, saving my skin. She says, I always refuse invitations to premiers and parties for the sake of my beauty sleep. The truth is this: nobody has invited her to parties for a long time, and when she invites others – nobody comes. The actress, apologizing generously, smiles and says, “I have to go because it’s time for my beauty sleep.”


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