Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Katia Kapovich

“I think I know how to find his address,” Diana suddenly declares, just as we’re least expecting anything from her. “How?” She explains it to us, and we’re stunned; how come didn’t we think of it ourselves? Because it’s a child’s game: on the internet, on the school’s website, are all the addresses and emails, including probably Galileo’s father’s, as a backup address. Right away Luca runs to the computer, and we immediately begin to grope around for our cell phones, to call and tell our parents we’ll be running late. “What should I tell him?” Mirsky, who’s the least skilled of us at lying convincingly, asks. “That we’re going to themovies.Why aren’t you calling?” Malcolm asks Diana. “I can’t go today.” Then Luca returns, looking as though someone had died, and we understand that he didn’t find anything. “They only have his mother’s address,” Luca sighs, sitting down on the porch again and picking up his stick. Then Mirsky puts away his phone in his pocket and informs us that he also can’t come, because he’s going with his parents to the theater. Now this is really depressing. Mirsky is our analyst, and he’s also physically strong. On Sundays, the husband and wife neighbors are


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